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  1. Hi again, thanks a lo for your welcome messages. I´m looking forward tocontriute my ideas to this forum. However, I will probably not find too much time to hang arund here - so, don´t be surprised if I´m gone for a couple of days... I´ll be back! Concerning my name: it´s the German name for "stockinvestigator". So you could call me stockinvestigator aswell. Anyhow, to your question Jesse, if been active in teh markets fr two years now - while I have to be honest, I was mainly not invested forthe last year - instead I was doing research. Greetz, Aktienfahnder
  2. Hi everyone, since I´m new to this Forum, I´d like to introduce myself - I´m a German Naval Officer, out of duty, who decided to battle the markets now. :rolleyes: For those interested, find more on: Stockinvestigator. Greetings to all of you, Aktienfahnder
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