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  1. Hello All, Im looking for a start in trading, to see what ascpect of frequent/ "low but often" profit fits my lifestyle best. I am very interested in swing trading am looking for a place/ mentor, etc to find and learn about time proven strategies/ processes and to select one that best fits my personality, financial goals and time available to dedicate to this "lifestyle" change. I have been a part of many various forums (outside of the financial world) in the past and know the value of a really good one('s), in both learning and contributing. Personal insight, a glance at: people person engineer: love data, learning, building, processes and experiencing the results. 4 great kids (2 off to college) and a great wife love boating 50% building up electronics etc., accumulating fishing/navigation knowledge, etc and 50% running it - fishing in/off shore and the whole marina thing. So as I embark on this new interest/journey, and the need to supplement my income I just want to thank in advance all those that will help me along the way, with the intent to give back at some point as well. Best Regards, Andrew
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