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  1. This is exactly what I'm doing, trying to trade the Major TFs as benefits are greater than those made on Minor TFs. The thing is, my learning curve was positively influenced by trading on 30", but I haven't got a chance to replicate this trading style into a D/W/M basis, as it has been difficult for me to clearly identify demand or supply areas/levels. Due to this, I found myself comfortable by trading these areas only if they become areas of potential rejection after imbalances, and that's the reason I'm looking forward to an indicator that helps me tracing these levels in which price could react. Thanks for your advice, I'll keep following you guys. (Sorry if my english isn't the best)
  2. Ok perfect. I went through the first lines and seems to be very interesting, I'll keep reading through the weekend.
  3. Note: The posts in this thread are not necessarily disruptive or negative. Rather they are more often written by people who have not yet read the material, have not read the thread, or don't know what forum they're in. Therefore they are simply beside the point, the point being to focus on the material and put it to work. Db ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Very interesting documents. I'm basing my trading on balance/imbalance, prefering those areas in which suppourt becomes resistance and viceversa. Do you know any indicator that traces these role changes? Thanks a lot for your help, I hope to contribute a lot in this forum.
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