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  1. Didn't got this part earlier. I understand your concern. I am not a TG costumer , I don't like the way they sell their stuff. Plus I don't wan't a software to tell me "what is going on in the market". It was my journey to learn this on my own trial and error way. It will always be my personal journey as I consider myself an always student of the market. Cheers, mate.
  2. I am currently using cTrader's platform and my broker is IC Markets, it's very reliable in my humble opinion. You should try a demo and check their data feed. I don't know if you can use it on a mac. Esignal data feed is also very very good but you need to pay for it. Truth is spot currency market is very fragmented, unless you use professional terminals (like Bloomberg's or Reuters) the data feed will always be not-perfect BUT I've found that cTrader platform gathers a nice few reliable banks to get the data from, this allows us to relay on tick volume as a proxy. Remember, we are interested in activity and the reaction of the price to that activity. I know a few traders that use Dukascopy for the data feed, you could give it a try on a demo too. In the end, if you are not comfortable you can always get currency futures data feed for the volume analysis and make the trades accordingly to that in the spot forex market, which was what I did for a few months at the beginning because of my skepticism
  3. I don't know why you got it wrong, I am not Gavin (lol), nor I recomend TG, I am not even a costumer myself, I believe in the system though, I believe in the principles and I believe that markets are manipulated. I don't understand why you treat me like a child with this part - "Do you have any inkling of how sophisticated the counterparties to yours and Gavin's trades (if he actually trades) are?" - I am not new in this business What? Why do you say he is now telling you to avoid futures volume? Never heard that As far as I know, he is more interested in futures. Anyhow, this thread is not about the Gavin Holme's life. It is about VSA and Wyckoff, and the combination between the two. If you believe VSA and Wyckoff are full of BS, then, please go start a thread about moving averages
  4. I use tick volume, is based price updates every tick, and these updates show us how much activity was in the bar. I get your point, I was very skeptical the first months. Gavin from Tradeguider is always telling us that tick volume is the right option when you don't have actual traded volume (like in spot forex or CFDs) but the first months I believed this was just because he was trying to sell the software, so I used currency futures volume for some months but I came to the conclusion that tick volume is very reliable, you just need a good ECN broker (but that's another topic). Regards
  5. Thank you mate, hopefully we all get a great deal out of this thread. Regards
  6. I'm going to write daily in this thread my journey using VSA to speculate in the currency markets. My purpose is to get better at this methods (VSA and Wyckoff) and write daily my own interpretation of the (smart money) large operator's moves in currencies. Background about me: Been trading for 5 years (next April), I was trading for the first 4 years using classic technical analysis and supply and demand zones until I discovered the beautiful Wyckoff method and then the vsa method. So basically I am just 8 months using VSA in spot forex. Things I'm looking for in the charts: I am usually looking for the Yao Ming bars, basically I look for climatic action followed by a spring (or upthrust) and then the classic no supply bar (or no demand). I use 1H, 15min and 5 min charts. Everybody is welcome to chime in, just remember that the charts I will be posting are not sell/buy signals, they are just my interpretation of the current story line within the market. Let's begin
  7. Hello folks, I want to start a free chat room for serious traders using Volume Spread Analysis and Wyckoff methods on their day-to-day basis. Im usually online from the middle of London session to the end of NY session (somedays I may be online for the open of the Tokyo session). Details: 1.- No head trader: Nobody giving signals or anything, no guru, just serious traders sharing charts, analysis and talking about Smart Money manipulation. ie: Chat user1: Hey guys seems like GJ its being accumulated after that selling climax Chat user2: Yes, I will be buying any no-supply bar anytime soon 2.- Free of charge: Kinda like the forexstreet chat in the forex socialnetwork but without all the newbies, scammers, signal vendors. I don't like the forexstreet chat personally because it gathers all type of traders with all types of strategies, experience, etc. Because of this, it usually gets a little messy (just my humble opinion, no offense). The idea would be something very similar to this but for VSA and Wyckoff traders only, trading spot forex and/or currency futures on a serious day to day basis. 3.- Non-educational: The motivation of the chat room would not be for educational purposes but I´m a believer that everyday is a learning opportunity and I am always open to learn something from everybody. So, obviously we all will be learning together from each other, but this would not be the main reason of the room. 4.- Real purposes of the chat room: Meet fellow traders using the same methods (Wyckoff and VSA) to make money in the markets, manipulation talk, sharing analysis, basically all the purposes of a trading community but with a filter for Wyckoff method's believers and VSA traders. Important: The chat would be using a private instant messenger like Skype, Hangouts, etc. I don't want to be the "owner", I want the chat open when Im not online so Im open for suggestions from all of you interested. If you use VSA and/or Wyckoff method to trade the currency futures or spot currency markets you are very welcome to join with ideas to make this happen. Please let me know by replying in this thread or via PM Warm regards from Mexico,
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