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  1. Alright I understand everything now, but what is the difference between open interest and volume?
  2. So there has to be 400 buyers for me to sell the 400, right?
  3. So someone has to buy the options when I sell them? What if I lower the price and still no one wants to buy it?
  4. I would also like to know why some of my orders dont get filled. They were sell options with about a quantity of 400.why didnt they get filled? It was on GTC too.
  5. Double post---------------
  6. Cyrust2327

    Option Volume

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if volume is important to options. Say i want to sell 100 XYZ at 169, but there is only a volume of 10. What would happen? What if I want to buy 100 and there is only 10 volume. I have looked all over for a answer to this question but have not found an answer.
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