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  1. I also asked this question to myself – what is the best resource to learn candlestick patterns. From many authors I could recommend Nison, Bulkowski and Morris. Those guys are in my opinion the most influential regarding Japanese candles. And here one thing is the theory and the other thing is the practical usage. If you are not a fully (or not at all) algorithmic trader I would definitely recommend a CandleScanner - technical analysis software which allows you to easily scan (without programming) candlestick charts and find all the patterns within seconds (plus a nice performance analysis). I have tested many others but this one seems to be cheap and powerful (apparently people implementing this have a deep knowledge regarding Japanese candlestick). Be careful on many websites and free applications which very often are of bad quality. Simply a lot of people are just copying the others work without even basic understanding of the Japanese candlestick patterns.
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