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  1. By 'reading price action' you mean using chart analysis? Also, how does one act savvy?
  2. Thanks for all of the replies I recently checked out Option volatility and Pricing by Natenberg from my library and will try to make sense of it. Thanks again
  3. Hello. In this thread I will attempt to communicate my ambitions and I hope that I can get advice as to do to take on my ambitions or reject them. To begin, I'll state some things about myself so you can look through my perspective, possibly limitations , and fallacies. Me I am a senior in Highschool. I plan on studying Computer Engineering in college. This completely not set in stone. I have gone back in forth between Computer Engineering and Computer Science as possible majors. I am fascinated with math; I have taken a Calculus course last year and am in a Statistics course this year. I took an Economics class last year but unfortunately remember very little. I have a good understanding as to how stocks and the stock market works. I understand the difference between investing and trading, but know very superficially how to go about doing them profitably. I also know superficially what a derivative is. I know very little about Quantitative Finance, but I think it is really interesting to be able to model different markets. Algorithm Trading seems fascinating, but I have absolute zero basis on how to actually do it or what type of math is really involved in it. I suppose this falls in with Quantitative Finance? (you can probably see my ignorance by now :haha:) My Ambitions I would like to enter the Quantitative Finance field as some sort of trader. I would like to have a solid mathematical knowledge towards the markets. Like pricing models, derivatives, etc. Make money So you have read some things about me that I feel are related to my ambitions and you have read my ambitions. Now I have some questions that may tailor your response to me. I seem to be more interested in technical analysis, but should I read and learn about fundamental analysis prior as some foundation? Are a lot of books outdated now? For example, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications by John Murphy is considered to be a bible yet it was made in 1999(?). I would imagine a lot has changed and thus a waste of time to read? Even the latest edition of Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham was made in 2003 (ish?). What should I read? What type of math should I learn? Am I wasting my Time? Those seem to be my broad/starting questions that i can think of. I have more specific questions that I can probably ask at another time. So hopefully you took some time to read this and think. I would like to read your opinions. Please be honest.
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