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  1. Traders Accounting is the most unprofessional firm I have come across. I hired them in fall 2011 to set up my LLC. They recommended also setting up a Management Trust as I am the sole owner of my LLC. I also bought their bookkeeping, 401K and tax services. In all cases-- it has been a complete disaster. On their webinars they claim it is a one stop shop where they are experts and take care of all your needs. In reality, each department gives advice that conflicts what the other department says. I've had this experience multiple times-- the coach says something that bookkeeping refutes later, bookkeeping says something which the tax dept says is not true, coach vs 401K disparity. it goes on and on and on. I didn't know where else to go when I signed up with them. I went there thinking I need someone I can trust who can guide me. End result-- I can't trust what they say, don't know who to trust, and complaining to the president is not helpful either. They don;t take accountability for issues that need to be fixed. I would say-- stay away even if they offer services for free! They don't run a smooth organization AT ALL and you will hit their bureaucratic BS along with misinformation with A and B contradicting each other. One could say I hit some bad luck-- but two of their employees I've spoken to admit that it's a mess and advised me to complain. That said, so far I hope how they set me up is legal and legitimate- I haven't gone to someone else to double-check if Traders Accounting's advice is legit. I feel compelled to create an a/c on this website and share my experience so others don't suffer the same way. If anyone has recommendations and experiences to share about another firm I would appreciate that. I still need some help with complex bookkeeping and taxes. Thanks.
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