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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies. Regards Shane.
  2. Maybe i should be more to the point, how many instruments do you trade, ie just 1 forex pair or several, or just 2 or 3 shares or more. Regards Shane....
  3. Simple question, how many different markets, shares, currencies do you follow and trade. Do you concentrate on 1 or 2, or many at once. Thanks Shane.
  4. Hi, thankyou for the replies, its interesting to get you views,, its a strange world trading, its a lonely job, good to find this forum. MightyMouse in English, no way European........ Thanks again.....Shane.
  5. Hi to everyone, my first post. Just wondered what the opinion was, say you are in a trade, you short and the trade goes up and you get stopped out, do people generally look to get back in or think that for the moment the stock or pair is not doing what i feel it should, therefore walk away from it for a while. maybe you were trading range bound and it starts to trend. Thanks in advance for any replies. Shane.
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