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    Day Trader
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    I joined engineering and gave it up in between...I wasted 4 years in my academical career. My friends all were doing jobs and earning enough money while I was still going to college, I took a decision at that time which was to get a job that would fetch me the money which I would have made if I correctly finished my education. I struggled hard to get MBA (finance)...and yeah, I am proud to be a trader and we are well known to make money in masses.
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    Music, Books, cooking
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    FGBL, US Treasuries (ZN & ZT) and EuroDollar interest rate futures
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    < 1 year
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    RTS Tango Trader
  1. :smoking: Hey bund traders, howz it all goin' on uh? ... I observe double tops and double bottoms in FGBL contract every week ... any observations???
  2. Today German bunds trend made a double top at very early hours...did any bund trader made gud amount of money from that? I made 570 euros by taking a short at a pullback price.
  3. Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge. Hopefully Iam gonna make some euros on Monday by using this technique...
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