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  1. The truth is although i like online trading academy, it's probably the best "trading school", their prices are quite prohibiting for me. In order to reach their XLT level, you might need more than $15.000. I still believe that they offer great information, and I, as a forex trader i have learned a freaking lot from just the free articles of some of their traders/instructors. But still, cmon, $15.000? And that is only for forex, if you want stocks etc, you got to pay these amounts again. Especially for forex, i don't think it is worth it, as you can get all the "supply and demand" stuff that online trading academy teaches and preaches from other sites like advantage signals. Don't know if their signals are any good yet (i don't have enough data, i am still on free trial), but the educational info provided with every signal is quite unique. Anyway, about online trading academy, if i was rich and wanted to learn about forex trading, i think i would give them a shot. But I cant pay for that now anyway :P If you want to buy me a "passport" to their classes for my birthday, then ok!
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