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  1. Don't confuse a successful trading system with a bull (sorry, crocodile) market.
  2. Seems like you *can* post links here... try?
  3. I have read this series of articles pertaining to leverage. The philosophy that for traders "Leverage is good, and more leverage is better" is maintained without reservations until the article "Leverage: Friend or Foe". The author does not consider that a prop firm may give a lot more leverage. For daytrading, my broker gives 20:1 for Equities and Options. After reading these articles, I wondered of there could be such a thing as TOO MUCH leverage.
  4. What I see is that leverage IS available for swing trading, but most brokers will only give you half as much, because, yes, it is riskier when positions are held overnight. My broker gives 20:1 leverage for day trading, for example, but only 10:1 for overnight.
  5. This is your site, I think, and you are in NYC. I would love to ask you a few questions, if you available. (Your last activity shows as a year ago, though?)

  6. I use Cannes Capitol Advisors. They offer impressive leverage (20:1 for day trading, and 10:1 overnight). They have a low minimum. They are a small firm here in NYC, and I have found them to be very flexible, accessible.
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