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    I am a career IT consultant for fortune 500 companies. Worked at many financial institutions, clearing houses and exchanges.

    Been trading for over 20 years. Don't beleive the hype. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Learn the craft, we are playing againist institutional traders.
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  1. You can rationalize anything. How do you expect to win unless a trade is entered? There is an augument on both sides. What happens if a trader over trades and each trade is a winner?
  2. Sounds like your current position involves interpersonal skills. Trading has little to do with people skills. Fulltime traders rarely interact with people. We stare at monitors all day looking for the perfect setup. Once it's perfect the trade is triggered and it may still go the opposite direction, there is a certain amount of luck involved. My advice, learn everything there is about trading. It's a craft like anything else. Pick your specialty, equities, futures, options. Take time to master each. Know what you're getting into. Money can be made but a loss moves much faster...
  3. My experience with HP and Dell purchased at the consumer level last a few months pass the warrante. But I have an old HP kayak workstation i bought new with dual P3, 13 yrs a go that's still running. Maybe you had better luck than me. I will take a dell precision over a dell insperon anyday. Totally differant class but they come with similar configs.
  4. Checkout dell refurb website for commercial grade hardware at reasonable prices. Lookout for sales, they drop the price buy an additional 50%...
  5. We all need to earn respect not demand it. Before critisizing, get all the facts straight. without all the facts. How can anyone say $150 computer is bad when you are on a thread with someone that has one with 8 core xeon. I never said I bought mine on ebay. System displays 2gb ram is normal for win32 XP. As long as bios displays 4gb installed.
  6. It's funny how things don't always appear as you may think. :helloooo: I would plain but I would be wasting my breath. Just accept the fact that there are bargains out there if you know what you are looking for. Now, if you read my comment carefully, :haha: You would notice I said "aapl with similar config goes for over 1k". You most likely don't know what aapl is. moving right along, buy your best deal at best buy or costo, i'm sure your mom has a membership card. Ask them for dual xeon and quad core.. :rofl:
  7. I will open the box and make sure the ram is seated properly. Maybe I will send pics...
  8. Whatever, this computer runs great. I'm sure there is better but for $150 bucks it does the job. I would recommend the dell precision product line. Buying reburb maybe less than building, mine was...
  9. Yeah, I don't know why it's showing 2gb ram. It actually has 4gb ram. I will look into this. I been having fairly good luck buying reburbished commerical computers. It came with 8 cores, actually 2x4 core xeons. Same appl config is over 1000 on used market. http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/precn/en/spec_precn_690_en.pdf
  10. Funny how there are so many negative people in the world. I paid $150 bucks for mine. But I am alittle familar with the topic. This includes separtely sourcing 2 scsi fujitsu hard drives running at 15k rpm. Ask them to guarntee what you are getting. Try dell refurb site fisrt, educate yourself and learn what you are buying. Ask for system print out to verify what you are buying.
  11. Checkout dell and ebay for refurbished dell precision 690 or better. Look for 2 processor, xeon, dual core, quad core is better. They go for around 300 bucks. They are commerical grade not found at tiger direct or best buy. Ugly box but they are loaded. For quad display, checkout nVidia Quadro NVS450 NVS 450 Graphic Card, make sure Cables are included, they go for around 200-300 bucks on ebay or just buy another dell 690. They usually come with highend dual display graphic card. Having a second computer as back up is the way to go vs quad graphics card. Building takes time, minimal savings if any. Just my humble opinion, what do i know...
  12. Think about what you just said. I posted my results, you think they're not real but you post nothing. Before shooting your mouth off, let's see what you have. You most likely have nothing to share ...
  13. I agree with you, no argument here. The day trade charts i posted look nice on the 1 minute though. I also manually day trade along with my auto trades. Just wondering if anyone else auto day trading...
  14. I trade my own account between assignments, I have many results much better than posted. I am an IT consultant for large corporations outside of day trading. I see you are attempting to promote your easylanguage consulting. Please do not consider me as competition, we are in differant leagues. I guess if I make money at it. It's no longer a hobby. But it's a great way to pay for toys...
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