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  1. I would like to use market profile for ES trading (S&P 500 Emini). I am confused about an appropriate set up for it. Since the ES is traded almost 24/7, how should I set up my time periods? Should I use each day for a time period or should I use regular trading hours as individual time periods? Which time frames are most useful?
  2. Yes I am talking about futures. I want to learn about S&P 500 Emini. I just dont understand since many places state that S&P 500 Emini is a derivative of S&P500. It is 50 times S&P500. If it is 50 times S&P500 then why is it open most of the day when S&P500 is open during regular trading hours. That is where I am confused. :doh:
  3. Im just confused about the price of S&P 500 and ES. When the S&P 500 opens in the market, is it the same price as the ES? And when it closes, are S&P 500 and ES the same price? I am just confused where the prices of ES and prices of S&P 500 are derived from.
  4. I am confused about S&P 500 and ES (S&P 500 Emini). The ES is open almost all day while the S&P500 is open during regular hours. I am confused where the value and price is derived. Is the price of ES derived from S&P500? If so, why is S&P 500 Emini open 24 hours and not the regular hours?
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