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  1. I apologize for the double post. I didn't see the first post, so I thought I didn't click the appropriate buttons. I know the logic that I want to implement. I don't know enough abut EasyLanguage to make the right function calls to set different stops and profit targets.
  2. Hi, How do I set a profit target and stop loss for long, and different target and stop loss for short? Right now, I call setProfitTarget and setStopLoss, and they set a global target and stop loss. Thanks
  3. Hi, How do I set different setStopLoss and SetProfitTarget for short and long positions? My strategy trades either short or long at any given time. I want to set different stop loss and profit target depending if the position is long or short. Seems like setStopLoss and SetProfitTarget will set the same values for either long or short. Thanks
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