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  1. I was wondering if you are still on traders lab, and would send some code to a newbie to help them get started on a project with a zenfire c# api with multithreading and a connection to SQL

  2. Hi, I have a few question's on API's I have a brokerage account that uses Zenfire, does that mean you can use the Rithmic API as well? Does the Rithmic API send data with a better resolution on the timestamp than Zenfire? I am new to coding but have used C# with Ninjatrader, so I would like to ask can anyone supply code to take data from the levels in the orderbook and use NT to produce the chart of the output data, maybe via SQL So my idea is to collect data in realtime from Zenfire, do something with it on a timelooped to save processing time, then send the total to SQL or NT, in a multithreaded environment Can anybody help me get started on this with some code? Thanks Tinkerz
  3. Hi cls71


    I am new to programming in C# but have used NT version, I would like to know if you could supply some code to me, in VS2008 for c#


    I am trying to get the limit order data from levels 1 to 5 in a multitreaded environment then send the totals to SQL in .5 seconds or something so NT can pick it up


    then I can try in realtime to try an make some sense of that data


    As I said I am very new, would you be able to send me some raw code for zenfire api and c#


    Many thanks

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