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  1. I took almost all the OTA classes and I am a 3 XLT member. In my opinion its worth taking the OTA Pro-Trader class if you are very new to trading. The class gives you good inside about how to read charts, different type of indicators and lots of technical analysis. But don't forget NO one is going to teach you how to make money in trading. OTA classes will introduce you to general education, it up to you how you will interpret and use this info. Each OTA school is individually operated and owned, its a franchising. I had a good experience at the Northridge, CA location. But its a different story when you talk about the XLT class. Please do your homework before buying the XLT class. Its completely different experience from what they present to you. Don't get me wrong they do have good instructors also but and there are many buts. Most important is that instead of paying thousands of $ for the XLT class, you can get the same recordings and information for free on the web (NO I am not black market selling the recordings, this is unethical in my book) Pls e-mail me at market_account@yahoo.com if you like to know about the pros and cons.
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