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  1. The only one that I came across a while back is OpenForexPlatform, Its not limited to Forex as you can connect to several API, However you mentioned Sterling so Tradelink may be the best solution as the work is already done for you. What have you decided on?
  2. I received an error when uploading the ex4. is there a reason why? option two: email : idraw@pipinvestment.com and you will receive an autoresponder with the download link and password.
  3. Here is a simple risk management Expert Advisor that I finished a while back as I needed a way to automatically engage my trading plan without human hesitation.. :crap: If you can not improve your discipline while your hard earned money is at risk, than you should be using DisciplineTrader. EA attached below. Version 1.1 includes a Stoploss function that will automatically set a Fixed Stop Loss on all orders (only if open order does not include a stoploss: This function will not override a stoploss value that you decided earlier). This is a handy feature for ECN brokers that do not allow a market order to be executed with Take Profit and Stop Loss in the OrderSend parameters. This eliminates the extra step of adding a Stoploss to our orders and ensures that all trades have a Fixed Stoploss. We are currently using a 50 Pip stop loss on our managed accounts. Feature Added Fixed Stoploss for all open orders Commonly Asked Questions Attach EA on any chart or timeframe Only 1 EA is needed per account Basket Values are in $$$ and not Pips EngageStopOut must be True to engage closing conditions based on Discipline Trader’s setting Monitors All open positions from different magic numbers and currency pairs If your trades are closed at your x % loss or through Basketprofit/loss, the EA will continue to work EX4 file must go within the metatrader4/experts/ folder
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