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  1. Hello Traders, Can someone tell me if we're now trading the June Contract for YM? Cheers Carlton
  2. Thanks for responding. This is so true.
  3. I would love to know the answer to that question myself......
  4. MM, thanks for responding. To be honest I don't the answer to your first question. I was hoping that other traders will shed some light on that. I havent' tried other intervals.....
  5. Hello Traders, I wonder if someone could shed some light on the following scenario with comments. I trade the mini dow. My executions and exits occur on the 5min interval. My main strategy is to wait until I see a WRB (wide range bar) develop and if there is a pause for say 15 seconds or more before the current interval is about to change then prepare to enter on a pull back. Let me give you an example. Lets say I'm witnessing a bullish WRB and the time is 11:54:40, (the interval will change in 20 seconds and the new interval will be 11:55), however just before the end of the current interval the price has paused at say 11833 for 18 seconds. At the begining of the new interval I will be looking to enter a pullback (a short trade in this instance) at or around 11833. My thoughts are that right up until almost the very end of the current interval there is a huge amount of bullish activity, but just before end of the interval the price pauses - no one will know for sure why the price has suddenly paused but it has. I have found that there appear to be fairly high probability that after the pause the price will pullback in the opposite direction or simply gap up / down in the opposite direction in the new interval. I would love to hear your comments. Cheers Carlton
  6. Hey Mike, do you work for IB? (just joking). When I called their support team they virtually said what you mentioned. However, you're explanation made it really clear for my simple brain to comprehend. As you use IB and TWS, can you tell me if its possible to place a 'buy stop limit order' as suggested by SteveH? Cheers
  7. SteveH, That is a fantastic entry method - brilliant. I'm going to try and emulate it and see if it works for me. Excellent Cheers
  8. Gents, Thanks for responding. I'm putting a call through to IB now, will let you know what they have to say. Cheers
  9. The timezone is New York time ....
  10. Hi Tam, You may recall that I've been using Excel to develop a system based on trading at levels where price pauses. The attached is typical of the type of wining/losing trades I have been achieving using the system. I trade two hours a day - 14:00 - 16:00. I wonder if I could ask you (or any trader willing to comment) to take a look at the trade log for 12/13/11 and let me know if that is typical of what traders would expect to be earning per day. Without being condescending, Blue represents profits, Red represents losses. Cheers
  11. I thought I read that YM close at 15:15pm for maintenance and then re-opened at 15:30pm. Is that incorrect? Cheers
  12. Tams, am I correct in the above statement? Also, if YM closes at 15:15, how is it that I have traded YM after that time? Cheers
  13. Once again, thanks Tams. You have been truly helpful with my journey.....
  14. Thanks ever-so-much Tams, that explains it for me. Cheers mate...
  15. Tams, as you can see from the attachment, the price of YM at 19:05:51 GMT (14:05:51 EST) is 12127, for just over 2 minutes the price is still at 12127. However, I don't see that price in your attachment.....
  16. Gents, thanks for responding. I'm trading mini dow(YM). I'm placing buy-stop orders. I'm entering them directly on TWS. So, yesterday I placed a buy-stop order at 11824. The trade was executed at 11830. I don't have a problem with that. The problem is, the last price never reached 11830, however the ask price did. I've attached a snapshot of the exact trade as it happened yesterday. You will see that I have placed a buy stop at 11824. You will also see that the trade has executed at 11830 at the ask. However, you notice that the last price is 11826. What you won't we is that the actual last price never reached 11830. Normally, my the trades will be executed at the last price and not at bid / ask. I hope this visual helps you to help me understand. Thanks
  17. Does it not reopen at 15mins later at 15:30? Cheers
  18. Tams, I've been looking at your quotes for 12/13/11, however I don't see any of my quotes listed. For example, just doing a search for YM price of12127, I'm not seeing anything in your attachment ......
  19. Hi Tams, as always thanks for responding (you are so helpful). I have to admit, I wasn't aware that YM had rolled over last Thursday. I've been tracking December, 2011. Should I be tracking March, 2012? Cheers
  20. Hello Traders, I'm using IB as my broker. For some reason, my trades were continually executed at bid/ask rather than last price. For example, I submitted a long trade to be executed at 11824. The trade was executed at 11830 at ask price, even though the last price never reached 11830. Can someone please enlighten me. Cheers Carlton
  21. Hello Traders, I wonder if someone would be so kind as to tell me if they observed the price pausing for YM on 12/13/11 (and today) at the following times and prices: On 12/13/11, YM paused at the times specified below at the stated prices. PRICE START TIME END TIME TIME DIFFERENCE 12127 14:05:51 14:07:55 0:02:04 12126 14:08:37 14:09:22 0:00:45 12087 14:17:31 14:18:25 0:00:54 12025 14:58:40 14:59:45 0:01:05 Today, 12/14/11 YM paused at the prices stated below PRICE START TIME END TIME TIME DIFFERENCE 11818 15:22:57 15:24:28 0:01:31 11845 15:53:12 15:22:00 0:01:48 So, for example, on 12/13/11 I observed the price for YM remain at 12127 for 2mins at 4 seconds. Did anyone see that? Today, I observed the price for YM remain 11818 for 1min and 31 seconds and so on ... Again did anyone else notice that? Please let me know, as I'm not sure if I this is common or should complain to Interactive Broker. Really appreciate your feedback on this. Cheers Carlton
  22. Hi can someone please tell me what 'ABS' stands for? Cheers Carlton
  23. Oops. Of course. Feel a bit silly now. Oh well Thanks wyckoff
  24. Hello Traders, As I trade the mini-dow YM from UK I'm not always abreast of when the market for YM closes. Can someone tell me what is the occasion in the US to close markets early today? Cheers Carlton
  25. Excellent. I'm so meticulous, I will go through each pause :-) Cheers Tams
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