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  1. Hi all I would gladly hear your recommendations. I am wondering is there a way to pick up on these short movements when the price goes continuously in one direction for 10 pips or so. I would be grateful for recommending me a few indicators that would help me to determine that. What I am thinking of is to do a few (2-3) very small trades a day - a 3 pip take profit and a 3 pip stop loss + spread, per trade. It gives approximately 2:1 risk-reward ratio. Obviously, in order for it to be profitable a very high win rate is needed. That's why I want to choose favourable market conditions and a proper currency pair. I'm working on MT4. Do you have any recommendations about the indicators I could use, currency pair and the time frame/number of ticks per bar I should try? Cheers P. Help with detecting short, few minute, one direction price shifts
  2. Hi everyone I am new to this forum and new to forex trading. I am looking for an indicator for MetaTrader 4 which gives an alert when stochastics for several time frames align and move in the same direction. Anybody has something like that? Cheers P.
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