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  1. As a poker player you must feel slightly pained whenever someone calls you UB (aka superuser site). I come from a poker background too, played 6-max 200nl at my peak but had to withdraw to pay for school and by this i mean beer money. Do you reckon top online players like durrrr, jungleman, nutsinho and co. could transition quickly to trading and make insane returns like they do in poker? or would they struggle with some parts of trading?
  2. good post david how do you know when to trade with or against the trend? Seems like your methods may contradict each other at some point (with/against trend).
  3. As im a complete beginner, can you give me some more insight into what you are trying to show here? 1. Is this an uptrend? because it looks like 2 sideways trend with some crazy fundamental based action in the middle. 2. Why is the second support line draw at ~6.85 and not at 7.00 or 6.60? 3. Where and why do you enter the trade?
  4. Yeah actually my post is for the present and probably inappropriate for the thread :crap:. You can delete it if you want. But if you want to point out some problems then sure
  5. So by this you mean if i place a market order on the delayed platform then it will purchase the stock at the live price instead?
  6. Why I want to trade because I see trading as a game that’s very hard to play which motivates me even more to beat it. I come from a poker background and trading seems very similar in terms of money management, emotional control and outplaying others i.e. the market. Commitment I will dedicate a lot of time to trading, hopefully 10-15 hours a week excluding my time in classes which includes a lot of relevant information towards fundamental trading. I enjoy reading about the markets from fast paced books like liars poker but also more serious books such as ‘making sense of the dollar’ and ‘economics in one lesson’. I’m not sure how helpful these books will be in the end but I like to think they will give me some kind of edge. Time frame and Method I will include fundamental and technical trading on daily/weekly bar charts. I like to see myself using a variety of methods to beat the markets though I’m only a beginner so I will probably find myself leaning towards a particular method of trading. I don’t want to be in front of a trade screen 24/7 especially as forex is open all the time so I definitely won’t be a day trader. Account/Investment I will trade paper money for at least 6 months before putting 1-1.5k into an account. I expect to become profitable fairly quickly but maybe I’m being a bit optimistic  Money Management I’m understand the importance of money management through my poker playing and I will definitely limit myself to a bet size within my bankroll. Product Forex. Although I was interested in futures at first I’m taking a lot of international finance/economics classes and im going to progress faster because of this. Broker I will do some research and get some opinions on the best broker for my account size and target market. Platform Starting on ThinkorSwim but will look beyond if necessary. News Source I read a couple of blogs such as zerohedge, mises, madhedgefundtrader and I use the bbc website frequently. I will also see what everyone else considers good websites and add them to my daily reading. Computer I have a laptop that’s fairly new but I haven’t started trading yet so I will see how it does Internet connection College connection works fine for me except it’s a touch slow in the evenings.
  7. Thanks for the help. I opened a thinkorswim account for the paper trading and i'm just getting to know the software for now. I also took out a few books from my school library by thomas bulkowski which had good feedback from amazon buyers. All i need now is for my mid terms to finish and i can get stuck in...
  8. I just finished 'Way of the Turtle' and I was wondering where to start trading paper money in futures. I'm completely new to trading and i know nothing about how trading software works. I did download the InfinityAT platform but i'm not sure where to find my account balance. thanks
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