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  1. No sure if this helps at this point but as mentioned above $TICK is based on a different basket of underlying stocks than the ES contract. In Tradestation, the $TIKSP is similar to the $TICK but it is baed on the 500 stocks comprising the S&P 500 (same as the ES contract). I used to only watch the $TICK, now I watch both. Many times they move in unison but many times they do not.
  2. I also want to add that Better SineWave is based on the Hilbert Transform. You can read about it's application to financial markets here The use of the Hilbert transform in market cycle analysis. Before using the Better SineWave, I read and reread Ehlers several times and then attempted to write the indicator myself. However, since I do not possess a Phd in Math, I found myself pretty frustrated and after about 2 weeks, gave up on this effort. I also realized that the Better SineWave has taken the Hilbert Transform and specialized it for day trading purposes by adding price confirmation.
  3. I am an avid user of the emini-watch.com indicators and would recommend that anyone interested in them should watch all the videos that are linked to the emini-watch.com page. Only after watching the videos and seeing how they are used in real-time to determine good entry and exit points can you compare them to your current indicators/methods to see if this other way of viewing market direction will give you a better edge than you currently have.
  4. I trade the ES contract throughout the day starting around 7:30am EST to around 3pm EST. I am looking other like-minded people that use the Emini-Watch indicators (Better ProAm, Better SineWave, and Better Momentum) to share trading ideas throughout the day via Skype, IM, or other. As you know, trading is a lonely endeavor and besides having some company, I think it would be mutually beneficial to bounce ideas off of each other. My preference is to only include people that have been using the Emini-Watch indicators (all 3) for a minimum of 3 months and to trade the ES contract for all or most of each trading day. Please send me a private message with a background on your trading and your use of the Emini-Watch indicators if you are interested in this. Thanks
  5. I use Economic Calendar - Bloomberg. It indicates which news items will most likely move markets.
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