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  1. Yep, as I mentioned in my original post, I have gone through many of those indicators. They show you potential places where to enter, but not specific areas on where to concentrate. Plus, I deal with day-to-day trading and s/r levels have proven to be quite dynamic. This is a tough challenge, but the key is just doing more research, especially since it's the only factor I need to finish. Sure thing, but be sure to attend a class on ethics - you clearly need it.
  2. I am not looking for the perfect entry, but a specific area that shows me where to concentrate. I know it's not possible to know the absolute, exact point to enter. For instance, in today's case with the GBP/USD, my system gave me a buy signal. I am not looking to find out that 1.55275 was the lowest price of the day and should be where I should enter. Rather, I am looking for a specific, but general area of where to focus. Using today's example, the 1.5530-1.5540 area would have been an excellent area to enter - get my drift? As for you saying that nobody can do that, a fund manager I used to work with years ago did a similar way in finding entries (though he did not want to tell me how to do it). From the recent posts, it might be best I spend my time somewhere else.
  3. If it was that simple, would I be here? My system simply tells me the estimated range and that the momentum is in favor of buying, but it does not tell specifically where to buy - that's the true dilemma I am having.
  4. For instance, on 1/17/2012 at the end of the US session, my system gave me a buy signal for the next day. It was, indeed, a definite buy, but what is a sure way to know that the buy area was in the 1.5330 area?
  5. When it comes to entries, the usage of various tools such as support and resistance, pivot points, fibonacci and even camarilla come to mind. While they do show you potential points for entries, they do not, however, show you a more specific area for entries. With experienced traders, how do you guys isolate a specific point for an accurate entry?
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