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  1. Hello Horus, I have not read any material on VSA. My knowledge of it is limited to what is present in this forum. Could you read my earlier post on this forum. When I try to apply concept to what has happenned in the past, its okay. What about the present tense? It is very difficult to apply logical. Could you comment on this? sds.
  2. I am not able to understand one thing. Consider the right hand side of the dotted vertical line. There is move down till 1420. But if instead of a move down, had there been a move up then I would have said there is no supply, at the dotted line. Things happened in the past could easily be analysed and concluded. But I am not able to apply logic on the current scenario. Perhaps PivotProfiler can throw light on this. sds.
  3. Hello lrushing, Could you explain me what exactly you mean by Low, Medium, High odd trades? sds.
  4. Hi al_sellatmarket, Yes, you got it right. The idea behind this is to avoid a loss when market takes the obvious stops out before making the move. Instead of applying a particular price as a initial stop loss, have a zone. generally useful for position traders. sds.
  5. Yoga and Pranayama (Breathing exercise). Without breathe, you will not alive. Breathe controls us (If you are angry, anxious then respiration increases). How about controlling breathe to control yourself. This is what Pranayama is which helps me a lot. sds.
  6. Thanks TinGul, If the position moves against you, do you exit out of it at once? Cut the loses down and let the winners run. This is okay. But have you or anybody tried applying staggerred stop losses? sds.
  7. I am following the thread " Wide Range Bodies or 'big' candles " started by you. (very nice thread, thanks.) I have read nearly all the posts those you had posted. Based on that what I feel is that you have an exit strategy that is perfect for you. The idea behind this thread is not to find the best position management strategy, but to know the different position management strategies that traders are applying (preferably with the type of trading style). based on the style of trading and personal comfort, a person can - Exit all of the positions at once. - Exit partly and then with trail stop. - Go on adding up position by keeping risk the same. Again the entire thing depends on the person and his comfort level. In my case, I do not fear of holding the position overnight. Because I am risking the money which I am comfortable to loose (which does not affect me financially and psychologically). Based on this statement, initially I used to trade single contract. Then I started trading multiple contracts. Brownsfan019, Read your example of +20 target. Based on my psychology: e.g. I am long at certain contract. My feeling is, after +19 if market is telling (giving a clearcut signal) that it will no may not go on in my favour, then I will liquidate half the position and move the stop to breakeven. If any signs/patterns do not suggest the downmove, but still not moving in the direction of my favour, I will move the stop to breakeven. What I want to see is the balance of fear and greed. sds.
  8. Hello PP, As I said earlier, I am quite new and learning price action. Could you commnet on my take on the chart you had posted. Can I say that within the range of white WRB, there is demand and also there is a selling pressure. If the demand had not there we would have got close at the lower end of the candle. At the later stage the white candle (which you have marked with double arrow) might be indicating change in buying/selling pressure. sds.
  9. Hello PP, Nice post and analysis. But I did not understand, the statement which I have marked in the Bold. Could you explain, how did you arrive at this point that there is supply in the market? sds.
  10. Hello PivotProfiler, You had already given some great examples, e.g. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/34/vsa-volume-spread-analysis-1369-7.html Could you post some examples of your analysis of WRB, VSA in the TREND. sds.
  11. Position Management plays an important in the successful trading. Still, you visit any trading related forum, you get least information/discussion regarding this topic. This forum is already helping me out in understanding market dynamics. I think, its not a bad idea to learn about position management from experienced traders out here. Please educate me with regard to position management.
  12. Great post pivot, very educative. brownsfan019 and yours post really gave me direction. This thread is really helping me to understand the dynamics of the market.
  13. Thanks for your explanation, brownsfan019. This post has definitely given me a direction to start thinking. To be honest, it has really given me start. btw, I love your emphasise on the simplicity in the trading. sds.
  14. Thanks walterw, Especially for the article related to the Volume. sds.
  15. Hello, You guys are very experienced. Could you please help me in understanding the basic concepts. Price: Everywhere I read "Price Action". "Price Action in S/R zone". etc What does exactly it mean? Could anyone exaplain me with example? Supply/Demand: When I see a S/R zone being penetrated with high volume (not ultra high), then how to judge whether it is really a demand coming or supply coming? sds.
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