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  1. Anybody has the MDK and is willing to trade it ? I only need to write one dll and is too big of an investment just for this small task. This is why I would like to..share costs..with someone who already has it.
  2. I have been using Wall Street Survivor for the last year. It's free of charge and I have no complaints about it.
  3. Thank you for your replies. I just realized I should have given more details of what I need from this platform of paper trading. 1. I am only interested in stocks. 2. I'd like it to have the possibility to place stop and limit orders. 3. Ideally, it should be as close to reality as possible. If I place an order and the market is closed, it shouldn't get filled. 4. I don't expect any charting capabilities, nor advice. It would be nice to give me some 20 min delayed data; it would help me with my entries and exits, but, if not possible, i could do without. 5. It should be free to use. Thank you, Mihaela
  4. Hello, Can someone recommend or share an opinion regarding some paper trading platforms? Thank you.
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