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  1. Hi El I would like ask you what do you think about this short trades , bounces from developed POC, did you take it on this bar or leter or didnt ?? thank http://www.sierrachart.com/userimages/upload_2/1282233211_6_UploadImage.png
  2. Hi thank you for answer ,appreciate but nobody answer in my basic question so far. anyway I decided will shortly share my experinces. Trade after open february 3 2010 .......price run up to resistance peak of volume from previous day and stop there , point 1. I always need some "line" that I can lean in trade ... important for me are 2 divergence(blue and yellow lines) in CDV (black) ,green-red is just smoothed and I think is useless ....after point 1 is there small congestion and VB are red CDV sharply fall down ....bar 2 hammer , green VB but red hammer something is not good ( I think Electronic said this is "iceberg") ..bar 3 entry short , sell in hole ,price breaks EMA33 6CCI below zero heading down , 45CCI right now crossing zero line down, VB on 3 bar ofcourse red ---- i personally watch too for such detail as is break of "Ross hook" (green line) what is small support First target was not problem to reach , but for next scale out I have not exact rules. So I hope somebody join and will see his /her view of Electronics trades. http://www.sierrachart.com/userimages/upload_2/1265559137_40_UploadImage.png
  3. Is here anybody who follow this blog http://www.electroniclocal.blogspot.com/ ???? Is very nice blog and Electronic and Kiki make very good job. AGAIN THANK YOU. What do you think , is makes sense set up new thread about trades their method ???. I think a lot of people have lot questions about their system. A lot questions is possible find in comments to Electronics post ( for example how use MomDot ...?? or about nuances ) ,but I think Electronic didnt answer exactly.OK is not problem ,I know that answer for every questions take a long time and it is not his obligation. We must find out by own effort and help each other. A lot is possible learn from his charts . I think two heads are better that one . So every individual found out in his charts some „trifle“, nuances and if we join forces we could find nice trading approach. For example I think I found way how he use MomDot with entry orders. OK, nothing is 100 percent and as Electronic said „ is art no science....“ . And from this reason I would like see „way of art“ other people and ofcourse mine. I hope Electronic and Kiki agree and dont line up against , otherwise of course I will not continue to post in thread . I hope will continue in his blog and look forward to next posts. What do you think is makes sense set up new thread about Electronics trades method ??? Are there any people who are willing to share own knowledge about Electronics trades and posts to this new thread. ????? Thank you
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