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  1. Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much!
  2. Dear JJ,


    I´ve read your post about the Clayburg Universal System and that you are running it on the 10 year notes with great success. Is this still the case after 1 year (as far as I calculate correctly)?


    Also, if I am allowed to ask, which broker are you using and what´s the exact symbol you are trading as well as the time-frame?


    Thanks a lot for your help (just new with notes, switched over from Forex market).


    Have a nice weekend.



  3. Hello, would someone be interested to code the ATR Ratchet by Chuck LeBeau in EasyLanguage? Full description of the exit strategy can be found here: http://www.forexmt4.com/_MT4_Systems%20Documentation/Exit%20Strategy%20ATR%20Ratchet.doc If you look at google for "ATR Ratchet", you´ll find that the strategy exists for several other trading platforms already (MT4, Metastock), and also someone has coded it in Easylanguage already. However, the problem is that this is on the tradestation.com forums and I don´t have access there since I am a Multicharts user. So my idea is to either code this strategy from scratch for Easylanguage, or maybe someone can get the already existing code from the tradestation.com forum, in case the author allows a distribution. Thanks guys.
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