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  1. Hi, I am switching to tradestation but am unfamiliar with Easylanguage. I am not a programmer and am not really interested in learning this side of things as it takes up too much time and takes too long if you know nothing about it. I am an experienced trader with exposure to many markets and trading styles. And yes I am now profitable. I am looking to partner with someone who can program easylanguage. It would suit an experienced programmer who is struggling with his trading and may also be looking for guidance or a mentor . I say partner because I would like to work with this person to devlop some automated strategies in turn for my help in improving his trading. I can help with technical analysis, the psycholgy and also in drawing up a plan and helping you to implement it in the right way. I am not a coach as such but am willing to do this in turn to get to the next level that I have set for myself. I know I can go and find someone on the net who lives the other side of the world and ask him to program it for me, but I prefer someone I can see and work with face to face, where we can sit in front of the screen together and discuss what needs to be programmed. I live on London. If anyone is interested then please PM me or post here. Thanks
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