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  1. Hey Ingot, I have been a lurker in this forum for quite awhile, though after reading this post I feel the overwhelming urge to comment this time! WELL SAID....believe it or not I think this post will help my trading. It’s almost like on some unconscious level we are all looking for an excuse outside ourselves to blame for our lack of achievements, whether in trading or life...like we are looking for someone to save us. I think the sooner you realize no one is coming to your rescue and that YOU are responsible for any and all of your results, the sooner you can take real, actionable steps towards making your goals come to realization. Imagine if in the armed forces of any country just told the troops..."ok guys, new training program in from the brass...rather then eat mud, dig trenches and run PT and work till we drop everyday, we are going to become better soldiers by talking about the lack of love we received as children and how it might affect our ability to become better warriors for the next few months, then its off to the frontlines with our new found knowledge, the enemy will fear us for sure!!......." While I do believe psychology has its place, it is no replacement for the willingness to stare deep into yourself to find the real problem and be willing to go up, over or right through the problem by putting the work in. Anyways, well said man. Good no nonsense post.
  2. I think the article had great advice. Plus the poster has a number of free videos and such that are equally valuble....just my 2 pips
  3. Hey all, just have to say AWESOME thread!! I believe this is definetly a great edge to add to your trading arsenal. Quick question for all those mt4 users...I am experiencing considerable lag when using the market statistics mq4 indicator, does anyone else find this or have any solutions? Is it the indicator or most likely a computer issue on my end? Dryfter
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