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  1. CMC could do well from here with some resistance coming in at 18. http://www.paf.am/?di=69D6
  2. We have had a fantastic run in SP500 (which is higher than Nasdaq). We are very much extended from the moving averages, something that cannot go on forever. Traders should note that we are in for a reaction or to be range bound. There are bullish topics in the air. According to Lipper, funds got inflow of in $18.3 billion first week of trading this year. The 4th largest inflow since January 1992. We are exactly at the resistance level. http://www.paf.am/?di=U8UH
  3. A Wyckoff Point and Figure charts provides us with a nice overview of the resistance we are meeting in the SP500. http://www.paf.am/?di=55I1
  4. AFL having a nice pullback in a strong uptrend. Nothing on the P&F chart that would make us want to avoid trading it. http://www.paf.am/?di=BE6M
  5. PHM is a great option for higher prices ahead http://www.paf.am/?di=S6ST
  6. SP500 has had a great move and we are in for a reaction/pullback. We might stay flat also before trying to break out through the resistance. http://www.paf.am/?di=XMMG
  7. DLTR "dollar tree" actually made me some good money back in the days, but now severely under performing http://www.paf.am/?di=R73B
  8. NVS Breaking double top and long term resistance - two birds with one stone? http://www.paf.am/?di=OJW1
  9. NRG breaking both P&F trendline and resistance http://www.paf.am/?di=7M4B
  10. Here's a real loser - SKUL - the "Skullcandy" earphones kids used to want to have, but now rather die than be seen wearing them. http://www.paf.am/?di=C31L
  11. LEN performs well in the double top patterns, so far really well http://www.paf.am/?di=5B4S
  12. EXPE - very nice looking pattern http://www.paf.am/?di=LF1C
  13. APA - potential short with rally that we can sell if we see negative action http://www.paf.am/?di=9BCZ
  14. DLPH - what can you say? Fantastic profits from the double top break out. Currently overextended so don't enter positions right now, wait for a pullback for better risk/reward. http://www.paf.am/?di=A96P
  15. So, we survived fiscal cliff death for now... We also survived the Mayan end of the world, we survived the holidays. Now it is time to start trading again after few weeks of vacation from the markets. TEX breaks through double top and a previous resistance level. http://www.paf.am/?di=OFLS
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