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    San Diego
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    Futures trader / Trader and Business Coach
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    My professional background includes management, consulting, real estate investing, business coaching--and now day trading. As a trader, I studied at Online Trading Academy. I have gotten comfortable with technical trading skills, but have come to realize my biggest struggles are with my own psychology, discipline, and consistency. I suspect the same is true for others.

    Since I have coaching skills and experience, I have decided to offer coaching services for traders. If you want to make more money trading, I think I can help. I offer a one-hour complimentary consultation. I am excited to help other traders--I understand the challenges personally, and I have the proven coaching experience to change lives.

    I live in San Diego, CA and love it here. I am single and love to be at the beach, dance, travel, read, see movies, hang out with friends, and of corse, study charts!
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    Walking at the beach, reading, movies, happy hours with friends, riding horses, dancing.

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    ES in the futures, ETFs in the stock market
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    2 years
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    Trade Station / Infinity for futures
  1. Thanks for the links, they look really interesting. I did go through Online Trading Academy. I was new to trading, so I was glad to have the 7 days and others to talk with. I have done most of their courses and am in their XLT (advanced training) now. It is a lot of money, but traders can loose so much more with losing trades. I think it was worth the $ for me, but I still have a lot to learn. They teach the trading aspect well, especially if you go back and have different teachers. I think they do not cover the psychology of trading well enough at all. They just started a new course on this, which I am sure is a start. I just started offering coaching to traders to work on the discipline (I am a business coach in a past life) since it is the discipline and psychology I find that I am struggling with now. I agree with a post above, that it seems no matter where you are trained it just takes time to learn. You have to preserve your capitol so you don't run out while you are learning!
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