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  1. Hey guys, I just came back from a OTA Stock Trading seminar today and it seems like they have a lot to offer. My oppinion on OTA is that yea, it teaches you basics and technical analysis.... where you can get online and learning from experience. But I think what this class really focuses on is discipline, risk managment (how to control your mental stops) Psychology, not getting to greedy, not getting too carried away about your losses (thinking or hoping they will turn), how to live, breathe, and abide by your strategies religiously and than adjust accordingly. Which I think is key because people get too carried away emotionally. This is a great class if you need some help with your stop limits, knowing when to pull out, and how to control your greed. The bottom line is, If you are NOT HARD HEADED, than think of it as therapy. Good reference tool, probably the best for people who know nothing about the market (great foundation). But if you've been trading for a while and have a set strategy, do not even bother.
  2. Hey thanks guys.... Thanks you guys for your reply's. I understand completely what your saying and I'm glad I heard what you had to say. Otherwise, I would've been out making mistakes and paying for them. I will read those books (On my 10 or so hour flight on Monday) and will now subscribe to the electronic news letter. Yea, I'm in no hurry to throw away my money. Its probably a good time to save some money for backup and maybe play a little with penny socks along with my brother in law (who I would trust with anything.) I mean, I know quite a bit but probably not nearly enough to start investing thousands of dollars. Whats a good virtual trading program with real-time info? kinda get used to what goes on in the market so I don't get murdered. :fight: Looks like my strategy days start tomorrow! Thanks a lot!!
  3. Hi everybody, new to the forum, new to trading as well. I have the knowledge and information about trading and have a TD account... (Technical Analysis, support, resistance, trends, Flags, pennants, etc.) I have lots of helpful websites bookmarked like stockta.com, yahoo finance, and much more. My style of trading is sometimes Day trading, but mostly Swing and Position trading. But my biggest issue is, where do I start picking out which stocks suit me best? Should I look at whats doing good and bad today? To narrow my options down, how do I review stocks that fit my budget? along with penny stocks I have the whole list of NASDAQ stock symbols. Do I have to start picking stocks out of a hat until I find something I like? Do I have to research everything that comes to mind until I find something that fits me? I'm sorry, I can go all day about this... Its very frustrating Its like training rigorously for a marathon and not knowing where the track is. Could someone please help... I don't want to be making lots of mistakes if it is not that hard. Or better yet, some advice on where i could get some hot stock tips before they go public (news) Thanks A LOT!!!
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