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  1. As a side note on this. He did have audio with this like the current I- show but I didn't have any way to record other than a little microcassette recorder. It would be nice if I-show could post that presentation upon request now so you guys that recorded the others in MOV could get the sound too for it.
  2. Hey Guys, Here is a powerpoint presentation by Al last may at the I show. The charts are very clear and you can print them off. I think this is his first one. Let me know how you like this one. Roger revbrooks_powerpoint_presentation1.pdf
  3. Nice job blowfish. Looks like you are starting to get into the meat of his method. I have just downloaded the video that swan posted and will begin viewing it. I think if a person learns to trade his way they could be very profitable. Well we know he is but it's learning to do what he does that is hard for many. I gotta knuckle down and learn it. I hope others will continue to post here to keep us updated with their experiences. Roger
  4. Hello Swan, I registered for the I show and watched the Al Books new presentation called A Month of Great Trades. Hopefully you are registered at the show too and can upload the new video on the thread that has the other Brooks video. I don't have the recording software myself to do it. If you need the I show link I can get it for you. Thanks Roger Here is I Show link https://presentations.inxpo.com/Shows/Summit/05-09/Website/index.html
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