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  1. Thanks Blowfish, I will just do that. Kind regards
  2. Thanking you very much SEVENSA I will just do that. Kind regards
  3. Howzit and welcome to the forum. Most of the TRO's posts and indicators are too confusing and distracting. I suggest you stay with something simple. The TTM Scalper looks for the SwingHigh (Swing High occurs when the Price of a bar is at least as high as the same Price on the preceding bar(s), and higher than the same Price on the bar(s) that follow it.) and goes back on the chart and paint in the signal of the Swing High point (eg., it repaints by going back in time). It does this with the same logic for the SwingLow. AFAIK, there is no exact replica of the TTM Scalper for MT4 for free. The equivalent indicator in the MT4 platform could be the 3_level_zz_semafor-indicator. zz stand for zigzag, which is an indicator that finds swing points that are distant by at least the percent or number of bars specified by the input. Again, anything based on zigzag or swing logic will need to repaint or redrawn after the swings are established. The better indicators will tell you when the repaint actually occurred. The more deceptive indicator will just show you the final results and at a first glance appeared it nailed the top and the bottom when in fact it is an act of time traveling. 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor (indicator for MT4) - Forex Trading Attached Files 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor.mq4 (7.9 KB, 0 views) Thanking you very much Kind Regards.
  4. My _SM_CANDLE2 indicator for radarscreen or _TRO_PMSM_HL will tell you if there are higher/lower highs/lows. ________________ IT IS NOT WHAT YOU TRADE, IT IS HOW YOU TRADE IT! You are on the internet - If you (google) search for it, you'll probably find it. TheRumpledOne Please anyone: I have Google the net; cannot find anything that resembles: Scalper Buys/Sell Replica or _TRO_PMSM_HL , to run on Metatrader, I will appreciate any help, May be, just maybe one day I will be able to help you. Also I would like to know where I can find free literature regarding: Trading with no indicators. Thanking you in advance.
  5. e: Scalper Buys/Sell Replica -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: HC Mostert TTM_SCALPER.ELD (5.8 KB, 1993 views) Can anybody help me to get this indicator to work on a meta trader 4 platform. Thanking you in advanced. ELD file format is for TradeStation and MultiCharts. It will not run in MT4. Do a Google search, I remember someone has done a conversion for MT4. (It might even be here in TradersLaboratory?) Thanks I will do that. Kind regards.
  6. TTM_SCALPER.ELD (5.8 KB, 1993 views) Can anybody help me to get this indicator to work on a meta trader 4 platform. Thankin you in advanced.
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