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  1. OEC Trader is now called Gain Trader and the Gain API now allows you to have simultaneous connection to mobile and web. 


    Matt Z 

    Optimus Futures www.optimusfutures.com 

    There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results. 

  2. On 8/26/2008 at 8:50 PM, Guest forsearch said:


    C'mon AgeKay, you know how to work a search button, don't you?



    Go to the IB website, as suggested already, and enter "commission" in the search box. Then look it up.


    To make it even easier for you, I'll even give you another hint: Interactive Brokers - keyword: commissions


    A little elbow grease goes a long way here....



    We have a progressive commissions scale https://optimusfutures.com/Futures-Trading-Pricing.php 

  3. On 5/8/2016 at 11:40 AM, Qiman said:

    AMP futures just started offering it, and I would guess any of their IB's.It does look intriguing, something I will look into down the road. I believe the exchange fee per month is somewhere in the $20-30 range, so I will have to make sure I am going to actually be using in on a regular basis.

    The price of the Osaka exchange is $29 per month. You can discuss it here https://community.optimusfutures.com/ 

  4. We did our best in order to lower the cost of execution for our emini guys. We did it via Sierrachart so your entire cost is way below 2.00 per side (This includes execution, routing, etc) all in. I hope this saves traders on execution: Sierrachart using CTS Order Routing Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be glad to answer it.



    Matt Z

    Optimus Futures


    There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

  5. Dinero - you don't need another broker if you want to keep this simple.


    Open a 'long-term' account at OEC then ask them to open a Trade Manager user for you where you can access both accounts w/in 1 login. Then you can trade in both accounts quickly and easily.


    I'm pretty sure this would do what you need.


    I know this is an old post, but never the less, I wanted to address this topic because many traders trade number of strategies. We wrote an elaborate blog post to explain how it works on OEC trading platform. Block Account Allocation


    I hope this helps.


    Optimus Futures

    OEC Trading Demo


    There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

  6. Hi Matt,


    If I trade with optimus futures through NinjaTrader, do I have to pay for the Rithmic datafeed?


    Could you lay out some of the costs per month I would expect to pay? i.e. platform fees, data feed fees, etc.




    Hello @IWillSurvive (and I hope you will :) )


    There are no charges per se for the data feed of Rithmic, they will be included in the commissions when you do trade.


    Ninja trader has its own cost and depending on the package you choose you will pay them directly.

  7. I'm pretty sure that with Market Delta 10.6 you can now run Market Delta Trader through it and use your brokerage data for your charts. I suspect many will really appreciate this feature.


    At the moment we stream unfiltered data via MarketDelta and don't provide execution through it. From a brief survey of our customers, most use NinjaTrader or R-Trader for execution.


    R-Trader also places OCO orders on its servers as oppose to one's computers.


    In the future if we provide execution over MarketDelta, I will update this thread.

  8. One advice that I can give you is not to over leverage.

    Consider carefully the number of contracts that you start trading as compared to the initial investment. Cash management will become part of risk management, and it will be an integral part of your trading.


    Beginner traders today(sadly) want to max out the number of positions, while not understanding that trading is a management of risk.

  9. We have recently started to offer hosting solutions for traders.


    we will provide you with a one week trial to test our services

    This would apply to funded counts only.

    The combination of the RIthmic data feed we supply long with this hosting solution should provide a good combination for those who seek low latency solutions.


    Please at the prices for hosting here

    Hosted NinjaTrader by Optimus Futures



  10. Hi,


    I have a few question's on API's


    I have a brokerage account that uses Zenfire, does that mean you can use the Rithmic API as well?


    Does the Rithmic API send data with a better resolution on the timestamp than Zenfire?


    I am new to coding but have used C# with Ninjatrader, so I would like to ask can anyone supply code to take data from the levels in the orderbook and use NT to produce the chart of the output data, maybe via SQL


    So my idea is to collect data in realtime from Zenfire, do something with it on a timelooped to save processing time, then send the total to SQL or NT, in a multithreaded environment


    Can anybody help me get started on this with some code?






    If you want to use the Rithmic API to compare data please drop us a line at Online Futures & Commodity Trading, Discount Commodities Broker Rithmic Feed Broker where you could simply compare the latency of Rithmic versus any other feed. In fact, there is a ping button we can provide on Rithmic's platform R-Trader that would measure your latency from your location.

  11. feng2088,

    be careful feng2088, it is easy to open a Tradestation protected tading system (russian are the most skilled at this ;-)

    And ND agreement is worthless, once someone has opened your system, he can use it plain vanilla or modify it. You have no chance to do anything.

    Do not send the code outside your pc. And even protect it with a good firewall and antivirus.

    Be careful.



    I agree that protection is a MUST. But, many customers simply cant sit and supervise their systems all day, so we provide this service. We have no desire to reveal or figure out a customer's methodology. We have many that have trusted us as vendors, and customers. All we want to do is provide this as a service for our execution.


    Optimus seeks to provide these to traders that also feel comfortable that someone with experience is running their system. An NDA is not worth anything only if the parties don't respect the terms, but we always recspected other people's intellectual property.

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