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    Day trader, Technical Analyst
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    I am a day trader. I have been into stocks trading since 1992. Entered Stocks, Forex in 2005. Primary focus is on Indian stocks. I do not trade any other market other Indian Stock Market.

    I trade with my manual HMA-Bollinger Bands Day Trading System.

    Healthy And Wealthy Trading
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    Reading, Listening Music-Fav. KennyG, Surfing net

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    Indian Stocks, Futures, Forex
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  1. Agreed fully. I do ride motorcyle, of course my way.
  2. "When you know nothing you make tons, when you know something you lose tons and when you many things you lose nothing" Presenting here for your understanding and reference CL Futures and E-mini Futures Index with HMA-Bollinger Bands Day Trading System. HMA-Bollinger Bands Day Trading System is purely a manual or discretionary day trading system. Healthy And Wealthy Trading Healthy And Wealthy Weekend
  3. hello Stanly,


    Can I attach my chart template and indicators I use in my thread?

  4. I just noticed I forgot to mention in my "Features of my present system", the price bars are Heiken Ashi bars Heiken Ashi indicator is very much available in NT7. Nice trading.
  5. Hello Sorhash, I use NOW for trading and Diet ODIN for getting data feed for my NT7. Pl. search the net to find a software that converts Diet ODIN data to NT7. Nice trading.
  6. Hello Mcgaffin, I have clearly mentioned my settings in my post itself. Indicators I use: 1. HMA - 26 2. MACD - 12,26,9 3. RSI - 14,6 4. Bollinger Bands - 14, 0.26 5. Murrey math and Pivot Points Instead of conventional settings used in Bolllinger bands, 14-period, 2 - std. deviation, I use 14 and 0.26. I found in MT4, its not possible to change std. deviation below 1. Nice trading.
  7. Hello Evhybrid, Good eve. to you. So kind of you to reply. I made it long ago as one of my principles to share with my fellow traders what I learn from my trading life, thanks to my fellow traders from USA, without whose self-less efforts and broadmindedness, today we will not be where we are. So I consider my efforts are nothing compared to them. Nice evening.
  8. Hello to everyone. After briefly stopped trading for couple of days due to persistent headache, I started again today. Today did 3 trades on USDINR. The first one despite getting 12 ticks within couple of min., was adamantly waiting for 20 ticks and at the end had to close it with just brokerage loss. Although 2nd and 3rd were good ones I was not entirely satisfied because I am yet to overcome scalping mentality and have to work hard to run the position to achieve at least 20 ticks per trade so that I score more than my break-even level of 6 ticks. Attaching herewith my today's trades with chart for reference.
  9. Its quite a long time since I effectively made any contribution in TL. As it has always been my nature to share with and learn from my fellow day traders any system I develop and work in live market, I am presenting yet another simple system but effective under almost all the market conditions, esp. in volatile market. I wish to make it abundantly clear to my fellow traders like before, for now, I trade only Indian stocks and USDINR futures. Due to regulatory issues, I can't trade overseas markets. I had to discontinue trading fully due to my health factors for quite some time; now I am fully back. I may post my trading results only for learning purpose. I will be more than happy if my fellow traders find the system working for them and guide them any time they need my assistance. The features of the present system: 1. The market I trade: NSE, India 2. Instruments: JSW Steel, Tatamotors, SBIN, USDINR futures. 3. Trade only one or two instruments at a time. Indicators I use: 1. HMA - 26 2. MACD - 12,26,9 3. RSI - 14,6 4. Bollinger Bands - 14, 0.26 5. Murrey math and Pivot Points Charting software - Ninjatrader 7 Entry methods: For Long Bulls: 1. Price is clearly above the HMA and Bollinger bands 2. MACD histogram is above zero level For Short Bulls: 1. Price is clearly below the HMA and Bollinger bands 2. MACD histogram is below zero level As usual, I use MACD and RSI to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the price movements. I am attaching 2 charts with 456 sec and 933 sec. The charts are almost self explanatory but in case any clarifications required, I would love to help you out. Healthy And Wealthy Trading Sureba67
  10. Wish you all a highly Healthy And Wealthy New Year.
  11. Welcome to my introductory note. You don’t need millions of $ to enter into Wall Street, but need millions of Americans to rebuild and empower Wall Street. This is not a rebellion, this is a financial revolution. This is the real American spirit that can bring about the whole change. Past & Present Wall Street leaders’ complacency, over-confidence, selfishness, greed, thoughtless behavior and attitude, bonus conscious and political maneuvers that have led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of billion $ of hard working ordinary Americans’ savings, pension amounts, loss of homes, loss of livelihood and above all loss of face before the world. Thus said, let’s not forget to question irresponsible, fast and easy buck making mentality; the weakness that has led to the present catastrophe, the weakness which made scores of banks plunge into bankruptcy, loss of jobs; the weakness that has wrecked the whole foundation, social structure, social values, financial system built over 100s of years; the weakness that has shrewdly been utilized and exploited by the Wall Street leaders to enrich themselves leaving the great Americans suffer bereft of hope, bereft of love, and bereft of life. I am not here to add pain to the distressed and I am here with you to empower you with freeing your mind, empower you with new energy, empower you with fresh strength, empower you with finding solutions to the problem, empower you to rebuild your society, empower you to take responsibility, empower you to overcome the shock, empower you to know the meaning of your value; help you solve your problems, help you change your paradigm that would all lead to building your pride, the mighty ‘States’. Before you shoot a simple question as to why an Indian is so interested in enriching you, helping you I would proffer my answer. I have a real selfish and at the same time noble motif. Our growth and development depends much on your growth and stability. Your help strengthens other nations and their economies; only when you grow poor nations receive help; only when your markets, your economy becomes richer, other economies around the globe start seeing the light. The answer lies in you, the whole world’s future lies with you. Albert Einstein observed, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Suresh Babu, P
  12. Hello Friends, I wish to convey everyone a Peaceful, Highly Healthy And Wealthy New Year Sureba67
  13. Traits Of A Responsible Man (Trader) What It Means To Be Responsible - My Personal Experience A responsible man first accepts and understands the need for the existence of irresponsible human beings, for without them there will not be a balanced life. A responsible man also understands to be responsible is not that easy but eventually achievable A responsible man (trader) treats trading as a business not as a hobby A responsible man (trader) respects every aspect of his business A responsible man (trader) applies his personal life principles, values in his business A responsible man (trader) works more on himself than spending time on trading systems A responsible man (trader) first spends time learning the very basic requirements of his business and then starts applying and practicing, for he understands trading is an on-going process, every trade is unique, in every trade there is a lesson to learn. A responsible man (trader) does not invest today with the dream of becoming rich yesterday A responsible man (trader) holds only his actions/inactions accountable for his successes and failures, does not waste time passing the buck on world events and others. A responsible man (trader) works regularly on learning more from his successes than his failures, for he considers failures as events of the tasks he undertook. A responsible man (trader) employs his full emotions in his business, he doesn’t waste time controlling something that was not acquired from a super market A responsible man (trader) learns the importance of savings A responsible man (trader) closes his terminals once he has achieved his daily targets, whether in one trade or multiple trades The ugly side of the sub-prime, Alt-A, B etc. was known way back in 2007 itself. It’s the total irresponsibility of us, which led to this catastrophic situation; I don’t squarely blame only the banks and institutions. If and when a friend of mine comes and tells me, there is a bank which offers loan without any valid documents and only they charge higher interest, and he wants to go for it when he is not earning adequately to support him, I would slap him and tell him to forget it. The greed of big guys did not ask or tell us to fall for their greed. It did only warn us on time to stay away from it. We are more focused on analyzing the character of our politicians but we fail to understand our own. It’s high time we started doing that first, if we wish to become not only successful in trading but mainly in life in a responsible manner. Healthy And Wealthy Trading Sureba67
  14. My dear friends, Taking cue from our friend Brown and respecting the decorum of this wonderful, rich forum, I have decided to discontinue posting my messages. What Brown indicated was 100% a fact, I fully understand and accept it. A guy, not trading real time is not worth trusting, however great his system or analysis he claims to be. I had been under the wrong impression, a good analyst and adviser need not necessarily be a good trader nor he needs to be in trading. Well, I may be wrong in my belief. I would like to thank you all for your over-whelming response and encouragement and I would pray for all of you to trade well. My sincere thanks to the moderators. My special thanks to our friend mfondren Healthy And Wealthy Trading
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