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  1. That's great if it works for you. But you dont see anyone else here going on about big sales pitch for a company, all we say is what to look for and honestly you need to think again if you are trying to convince anyone that you trade 2 hours a day and make a dam good living. Thats just TI propaganda
  2. this is the best advice i can give you from my experience dont settle for anything less! I have done it and i have lost $5000 before i admitted to my self i help and a plan. Now i am profitable in the market and it didn't take me years. Just make sure the company that you choose for your education is trust worthy and paying for education is not a bad thing. when you look for a course look for these things; - they should teach you multiple systems trend and counter trend - anything over $5000 is too much - they should give you at least 4 to 5 month access to they live trading room anything less than that is a ripoff, TI offers 5 weeks in a live trading room and then you pay $299 a month for the room that's bullsh!t you cant learn to trade in 5 weeks. - you NEED i cant stress this enough at least $5000 to start trading other wise you wont be able to hold out is your system has a bad week or so. - if the sales person tells you you can start trading with less than $5000 they are lying - If the focus of education Company is on how much you could make a day, week or month RUN that means they are just sweat talking you. - The education should focus on trading skills, money management and psychology, NOT some magic indicator. - If they say you can trade 2h a day and make money WRONG, they are talking trash. It takes alot of hard work to test your systems and analyze the market. It took me about 7h a day in my first few months to get things ready before i went live. Those TI fools claim you can just sit back and wait for an entry signal this is just to funny, why dont they run an investment fund if they are so successful? because they are not profitable at all and only make money from course fees. One thing you should know; You and your money will be parted eventually, be it because you enter the market and loose it or on education all you can do it make sure you get the most for your money and TI is not it. I agree with eric about the course he did it teaches good trading skills but the course if very bias towards one system and the course doesn't go into the heavy knowledge, it is focused towards new and intermediate traders. good luck all
  3. Thanks for the advice ericbubb, I joined and i like it, i see what you mean about repetition
  4. Hi ericbubb did you do the course and if so ar you still trading their systems or have you evolved and build your own systems after the course? Also did you find the knowledge and systems they provide to be accurate and profitable? I logged in to their live room for the trial but most of that stuff is above my head at the moment so i dont really understand what it going on.
  5. Hi All, has anyone heard of "the trading authority" they offer training and offer a free 1 week access to the live room. Just wanted to know if anyone has any good or bad experiences with that company.
  6. Thanks edabreu, I think you hit the nail on the head but its a hard o hear the truth, i know because i didnt like hear what you wrote about doing long hours of research and testing but i know its the truth. Its hard for new people like myself because we dont know what the basics are, like what is best practice and every time i read a forum i discover a new word which leads to a whole new can of worms. The problem is that the new traders dont know how much i enough, i mean i dont know if i should be using 5 indicators or 1 and on what time frame charts or tick charts the variables are unlimited basically. So now i am focusing only on stoch and macd and some EMA, and im trying to workout some settings to make the system %70 accurate. At the moment im trying to see what these methods are and i getting a lot of general info on all of them, but not much real info on how to best use these techniques. It takes an experienced trader to put it all to ghether to see how if should work that's why most of the book knowledge is only half of what is needed. That's what im doing now using for free trial rooms to get that human experience. Divergence Volume spread analysis Price action multiple time frame analysis Tick charts Volume Charts Level2
  7. Hi Skilganon213, I from Melbourne I am a Project Manager and i have been looking at Traders International too but i dint like the TI people. Every time i spoke to this salesman he was telling me another story, I know how overwhelming it feels at the start i only started looking at the stock market in Feb 09 but i have go hard and read alot of forums and starting on some books. I learned the most from youtube there are videos there explaining every indicator and the basics. Now i dont feel like i need Traders Int anymore but i know i still have alot to learn. maybe we can help each other with this new career. also look up informedtrades.com they have free educational videos very good.
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