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  1. thanks but it doesn't work ... I will erase it ... it drives me nervous it'a pitty, I'd like to understand how MP works on tradestation :crap:
  2. Yes, at the beginning I thought the same thing, I changed parameters but unfortunately nothing happens.
  3. I'm using it on dax future, just to understand how it works. I used it also on S&P, without success.
  4. Thanks a lot BlowFish for your immediate answer. I attach here BigEd's indicator, hoping that someone could solve the problem. Tnx indeed! TPO Pro5.0b.zip
  5. Hi everybody. I'm looking for MP indicator for Tradestation 2000i. I've already tried BigEd's indicator (TPO Pro 5.0b) but probably this one is for Tradestation 8 or more. A message appears "... attemped to reference data past the bounds of the array". May anyone help me? Thanks in advance
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