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  1. Hi, I may not be understanding this issue correctly but will the DTN.IQ feed, real-time feed, not suffer the same issues i.e the problem is the way that continuously changing data is transmitted (UDP). Is it the actual 'backfill' that is resolving the problem.
  2. Thanks for the links Fulcrum Trader. Having browsed the sites, I'm still a little unsure about the difference between the two. Basically i'm using investor rt and just want a decent broker and feed. Also, if i'm leasing a seat from CME what would be the best options regarding execution. By the way, i'm not leasing a seat just curious to learn more. This area is all a little hazy to me. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask these questions, but you seemed to know what you're talking about. Thanks so much. Tony
  3. Can anyone please give me some information on Zenfire datafeed i.e an introduction to it and advantages/disadvantages. Thanks.
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