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  1. razf1

    SP on Glbx

    sneo SP goes on glbx during AH when pits are closed. You will not see SP avail during the daytime(electronically) when exch is open.
  2. razf1

    SP on Glbx

    diablo same reason ES is so popular...deep liquidity with instant fills...open outcry is signif. slower. Currently SP is avail after mkt hours so its not a question of can they do it AH...they already do which begs question..why not trade side by side during mkt hours.
  3. razf1

    SP on Glbx

    Zulu, Please dont reply to my post....obviously this site has clowns just like ET To anyone else...do you know any LEGITIMATE reason why SP is not on globex yet?
  4. razf1

    SP on Glbx

    Yes I know it is pit-traded. The question is why couldn't it be brought over to globex? There is no technological limitation...so why not just do it. I'm sure there are enough MM who would be willing to make a market in it just like ES.
  5. razf1

    SP on Glbx

    Can someone tell me why SP hasn't/won't ever go on globex? I don't comprehend why they cannot do it...and it wouldn't compete with ES per se...since CME already does different sizes on fx on globex.
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