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  1. I'm more of a swing +trendline trader using candlesticks with s&r and various chart patterns.
  2. Here's a current one which is still running. Price broke down the symmetrical triangle and its eventual retracement hit a resistance on the trendline and 50EMA which was followed by a 3 bar candle reversal. Then, an inverted hammer formed on the 20EMA (red line). Bump: Continuing from my previous post, the trade turned out alright. This time I tried spliting my exits by closing half the position after a certain level of pips. Perhaps not the most optimal way of profit taking.
  3. Thanks daedalus. Here's one which wasn't very successful albeit on a 5 min chart. The inverted hammer formed on the 20EMA and it also looked like a H&S was developing. Perhaps, my mistake was shorting it too close to the support level although eventually, the price did turn south.
  4. Hi, Here is another recent 20EMA trade with GBPUSD 15 min chart. An inverted hammer formed at resistance level. Took it out at the next support level which again proved to be way too early.:doh:
  5. Hi all, My first post. Here is a trade I caught using the 20EMA system on AUDJPY on the 15 min chart. I exited at around 61.00 support level. On hindsight, i should have let the trade ride further down. Oh well, still need to learn how to manage my exits.:crap:
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