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  1. You helped me out a lot, you're a pretty good guy after all. I'd like to see some more of your posts. They've led to some major discoveries! Reaver the Enlightened
  2. I'll definitely support you on that! Dog owners need more stuff like that out there! Looking forward to hearing more. Take care.
  3. Won $54 last night in two sit n go's. $8 buy ins. Small stuff...but I got 2nd in one and 1st in the other. Pretty psyched, since its my 3rd day playing. I play as scarecrow999 over there if anybody wants to come get some. lol
  4. Yeah not aware of anything like that so far, but things change so fast here in the States, who knows what'll happen in the near future.... Glad to hear about your new puppy on the way Nick! Dogs are awesome! I've always liked Dobermanns.
  5. Hey man that sounds good, I'd like to hear more about it. If it's going to be internet based or anything like that, I'd be happy with doing some grassroots advertising for you man. I'd post up some ads here and there and tell people I know about it. Just something to help out. Not to mention, I'd place a few orders myself. Yeah if that guy leaves the dog out in the winter, you may have to take steps....we should hog tie him and stick him a meatlocker for a few days with some kibbles to eat. That'll make him do some more in depth contemplation next time. LOL Good luck with the business, get back to me about it!
  6. Yeah I am pretty psyched. Poor thing was out on its own for who knows how long. Skinny as a rail. But he's living the good life now! Hope to be able to do more one of these days.
  7. It's a Pit/Boston Terrier mix. It was a stray...the shelter said they were going to put it to sleep since it was part Pit Bull, according to the woman that found it and nursed it back to health. Still missing a bunch of its coat, and it was horribly malnourished...even after the woman fed him for two weeks, you can still see his ribs, it's pitiful...but man the dog stole my heart. He's about 2-3 years old according to the vets estimates. I named him Bogey. So that makes dog #3. I am going to start a rescue shelter for dogs, especially pits (since they get put to sleep almost automatically) once I get the money coming in. I don't care how much it costs. I am doing what I can now, but it's tough fitting three dogs into one house especially when one's a GSD. haha Just brought him home a couple hours ago, so I am pretty excited.
  8. You're not getting an apology. Deal with it. I don't say things I don't mean. We'll see how it all pans out.
  9. Tread lightly. Your threads keep making waves and are borderline inappropriate manner-wise. You show up out of the blue and want to get combative. Seek life elsewhere if that is what you're here for. It doesn't fly around here.
  10. Hey watch it clown. You're a guest here. Don't forget that.
  11. I see your point in that respect. They basically think that just because they are good at what they do, then they are on fire no matter what they do...Kind of like me saying that just because I'm a good trader, then I could also just take couple piano lessons, grab a book or two, and then drop by Carnegie Hall to make a few performances while sitting back waiting for the fame and recording contracts to roll in? Am I tracking here? I agree with you there, I was viewing it only from the perspective of someone who is making this their prime focus in life.....
  12. The way I see it....since we are on the subject of gambling and playing probailities..why the hell would you bother trading against 90-95% odds? I agree with you Brownsfan....if I believed that 95% of traders failed....that would be some horrble odds to be playing...not a good start for a trader;) I think that 95% of people who don't treat it as a business fail...that is to be expected...just like any other punter....but out of those that are intelligent and genuinely have discipline and a drive for excellence...no, I believe that many more than 5-10% of those individuals succeed.
  13. Price is either gonna go up....or it's gonna go down. I am going to be right or wrong....not worried about who is on the other side. All the theory and degrees in the world isn't gonna change price either moving up or down. I make the most intelligent decision I can...and back it up with a few bucks. That's trading.
  14. LOL it's bettor...I am in the same boat man. lol
  15. Ha ha you beat me to it on the forex comparison!
  16. I appreciate your insight..yeah pretty sure it was the one run by the Indian Tribe in Canada... yeah I totally agree with you...and if I ever started suspecting anything, I'd be out like the fat kid in dodgeball. I wouldn't ever play for big stakes, like you said, no way would I risk big money on something that shaky....But small stakes, yeah no biggie...but if I do see anything, or if it turns out that I totally suck..I'll quit...not that big of a deal..just something I found fun and good cross training for trading...
  17. Which site are you referring to? I heard about Absolute Poker getting hacked...but not anything else.. Bots don't even remotely scare me...no more than automated trading programs do in the market. A computer will never outsmart me. You'll probably notice on most poker games, you can pretty much slaughter the bots with a little practice, at least on No Limit, playing limit has many more restrictions for creative thinking....people are harder at times....a bot is only as smart as the person who programmed it, and even the most powerful computers aren't sophisticated enough to actually "think" and rationalize, etc.....for computers, bots, etc it all boils down to 1's and 0's. yes's or no's.
  18. Great post Brownsfan, funny thing is I was thinking about that statistic for trading failure the other day as I was playing poker. I jumped online after playing for less than one full day and was placing consistently in the top 5-10 out of 50+ people.....of course it was play money, and of course I am sure a lot of the people playing were beginners or weak players...but then again, so was I and had probably been playing less time than them....I think just going in there with a trader's attitude and playing the probabilities was responsible for the high rankings I was getting. Of course, as the stakes get higher, etc then things will be a little different, but you have to remember this was literally my first day playing...I didn't even know how to play at all at the beginning of the day. I can see tons of potential. Once again, the key was to treat it like a business. It seems cliche, but it is true...so many people fail to do this, or make ignorant decision because they want to win it all up front. My approach in poker is to let Natural Selection run its course...and help out when I see a good chance to attack. Point is- approaching anything, whether trading or poker, is 90% about the attitude and having the backbone to treat it as a probabilities based business. Technique serves to improve this, but as I saw with my own eyes being a totally raw beginner......starting with the right attitude can give you a huge advantage.
  19. Thanks for the info Brownsfan. Good stuff. You're right, OEC definitely seems to be a different animal than we're used to hearing about.
  20. I am with you on that one man. Right now I like Bodog, and will check out pokerstars as well. I am definitely no expert, as I just started playing. But seem to be doing alright. See, I was thinking that once the confidence is there to start playing with real money, then we as traders will have an edge just for the simple fact that we have already cleared the "real money" hurdle for the most part...you know? We have learned to make decisions in spite of there being real money on the line....one of the main reason traders and gamblers fail, the money causes them to act irrationally....There are more reasons I think someone who has been through the Trading Crucible and survived can have a major edge on the other players...Of course at some of those sites, especially Bodog, since they're a sports book, you'll have a bunch of psycho gambling addicts who can really throw money around without batting an eye. lol So I guess it all depends. lol I'll definitely let you know how it turns out. Like you said, I was thinking about in time giving myself a little allowance to see what happens...exploit the real money edge as a trader, if it can be found to exist...so far it's just a theory. But hey that would be a nice side income and just plain fun. Especially if we could get some of the guys here in a room and compete (play money or real either one would be fun).
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