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  1. Hi...Well, as some of the guys here could have probably guessed, it didn't work so great. The problem was, a couple of losers ($625) in a row wiped out my (smaller) winners. So, I've shifted my attention back to trying to catch a trend with The Whipsaw strategy. I lost $500 yesterday and $500 today. But, I'm not gonna be tempted to fade the signals and take $500. I'm gonna stick with it until I catch a good up or down day. And, if that don't work, I'm gonna go on Ebay and see if I can get a good crystal ball! :rofl:
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty convinced MM is key. Yeah, the entry signal was just a simple breakout of the Donchian channel. On System 1, it was a 20 period, and on System 2, it was a 55 period. Right...I was fading the signals. On a typical "average range" day, you can make a bundle. It's that occasional trendy day that kills ya. :rofl: The Turtles had a strategy (it's in the pdf I gave a link to) called "The Whipsaw". Those signals are fun to fade on a choppy typical range day. I believe the Turtle System works (even intraday) if you can stomach the drawdowns. But, I'm afraid my personality isn't very well suited to that style. :hmpf: I'm googling Linda's "Turtle Soup", now. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys...just noticed someone recently uploaded a Russell Sands seminar in 10 parts on youtube. I watched the first two and it appears it's just a free seminar of some kind, and not a copyright infringement. If it turns out it is, I apologize. Anyway, I thought the man seemed sincere and honest, and I'm gonna watch the rest, and thought some of you guys might enjoy them. Cheers Turtle Trader Videos
  4. Thanks for the invite. Right now, I don't really want the pressure of accountability. But, I may join in later on when I feel I can keep up with you!
  5. Well, you can't really blame folks for being suspicious. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there. It sounds like your not sure what Ninjatrader is. It is a software. I saw a link the other day here on this site. It's free to evaluate, so check it out. Thanks for the applause! :haha: Well, I shifted my attention the last few days. I've been focusing on "position sizing strategies". Here's one I kinda like... I start with 1 contract, if it's a winner, I trade 2 on the next trade. If it's a winner, I start over and go back to 1. If the 2nd trade (2 contracts) loses, I still go back to 1. I quit if I lose 4 trades in a row. The sequence is 1,1,1,2. Basically, what I'm looking for is back-to-back winners. If I can get 1 back-to-back winner before I lose 4 in a row, I have a profit. If I lose 4 in a row, I lose $625 (minus any profits) and call it a day. Here's a screenie from this morning. I lost the 1st trade (1 contract), and won the 2nd trade (1 contract), and won the 3rd trade (2 contracts). So, I made $235... Still got a bunch of back testing to do!
  6. I have to admit, I haven't really spent that much time researching the significance of volume. I'm gonna have to put that on my "to do" list. Thanks
  7. You're way ahead of me, I've only read a billion! :haha: It's kind of meaningless to post "sim results", but sure, when I go live I'll make some post or start a thread. Thanks for the crossed fingers! :o
  8. Hey guys...just stumbled across this tune by Ed Seykota. Thought you might enjoy it. It's about #27 down the list. The Whipsaw Song
  9. Thanks for the tip about trading live...I'm getting that impression from a lot of the guys here. So, I'll prepare myself for that. As for your question, I think the reason the losses seem different is Ninja counts a scratch as a loss, and just averages in the commission with the other losses, so it comes out kinda screwy.
  10. Right...at first I was torn between following the rules or fading the rules. In other words, would I rather have a bunch of small winners and a big loser now and then, or a bunch of small losers and a big winner now and then? At first, I thought I'd rather have the former, and the first couple of days it worked nicely. I got all excited and started this thread. :haha: But, you'll notice I haven't posted any screenies lately. :embarassed:
  11. Good lord! :rofl: If it's gonna be that bad, I'll just buy a windshield repair kit and sit on the corner repairing dings for ten bucks a pop. :haha:
  12. Hi... It's a toughy to follow, that's for dang sure! :haha: I'm just starting out, so I'm not 100% positive I'm following the rules exactly. I'm still having a little trouble figuring the ATR out. :missy: And, I've already broken the rules a few times! I thought I'd get cute and fade the signals one day, and got hammered for about $800! :haha: It's a little too early for me to know if I can stomach the "chop". I'll stick with it for a few more weeks and see how it goes.
  13. Hi...I have $25,000 set aside to trade, so yes, I'm trading the sim account as if it has that same amount. Yes, I'm calculating the margin as I would actually be expected to put up. The plan is to get out of a trade when I'm down a 1/2 percent (10 ticks or $125 for the ES), and out for the day if I'm down 2% at any time during the day. ($500) Yes, my trading platform (Ninja) automatically puts my 10 tick stop in as soon as I'm filled, and I don't cancel it. Yes, I do get upset a bit when I do something stupid and lose a trade. But, I'm sure the emotions will be on a higher level when I go live. I don't know if I have an edge or not. If I can double my sim account, then maybe I can say I have an edge. I'm trading the Turtle System on an intraday chart. It's supposed to be a pretty good method. You've probably heard about it, but if not, here's a link to the rules. Turtle Rules Thanks for the great advice Aaron, it's guys like you that make sites like this so valuable for beginners!
  14. Thanks...I won't take it to hard then, when I most likely slip back into the red.
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