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  1. Yeah I've been using setStopLoss, but because the stops are tight - 8 pips - sometimes they get rejected by the system. I think it's because the price has moved the 8 pips whilst the initial order is being processed. I'm trying to figure a way the stop gets set as the order is processed, so it doesn't get rejected... I'm unsure how to either set the stop with the order, so it doesn't get rejected... or catch a rejected stop and resubmit a few pips higher to make sure it happens
  2. Thanks - I figured out the tick testing thing the other day. Strategy still doing very well on back testing, but having difficulties forward testing, as stop loss orders are being rejected 'cause the market sometimes moves too quickly. Is there any way to put the stop in place at the same time as the order, so they don't get rejected?
  3. I've got a couple of decent EasyLanguage strategies working now - thanks for the help guys - but I find if I set my stop and trailing stop very very small (like a few dollars), then back testing gives me extremely good results, which doesn't seem likely. I'm guessing this is just a back testing "feature"? Does back testing work on a small proportion of the ticks that really occur? I'm also thinking in a real environment my stops might not get filled at the price I'm asking for, but they always seem to during back testing... Can anyone recommend a decent book, or pdf that covers EasyLanguage and back testing etc in TradeStation? Thanks, David.
  4. Yeah I figured that from the solution. I was under the impression that if you ticked the "send stop to server" checkbox (or whatever it's called) on the strategies automation tab, that you only needed to send it once and it would be held on TS servers - so if I lose my connection I don't lose 10k as well! Is that not the case? Or does that not work with back testing? Cheers, David.
  5. It worked - thanks again! I think I must be misunderstanding how the stop loss code works then - I assumed at the time of the order being placed, the stop would be associated with the order. Looking at the code, that clearly can't be the case, as the stop loss command doesn't reference the order. I'm now slightly confused how to open multiple orders, and have different profit and stop values for different orders! Is this possible? Is it possible to link the profit / stop commands to the order?
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try that this evening. However, I'd sincerely hope that doesn't work, otherwise I'm questioning the language designers competancy! Surely the idea of a code block is that the entire contents of it get executed when the conditions are met?! I don't want to be setting stop losses etc unless the order has been executed, although I suppose it makes little difference... Enough ranting, I'll try it out, cheers!
  7. Hi, I'm just starting to learn Easy Language, yet am having problems with stop loss setting when testing strategies. Although the stop loss is set in the code, it seems it isn't always acted upon. Not sure what I'm doing wrong... any ideas most appreciated! Code sample: if Condition11 and Condition12 then begin Buy 1 contracts next bar at market ; SetProfitTarget(3000) ; SetStopLoss( 100); end; In the most recent test, the first trade closed $100.78 down, the second is $16,091 down and still open! Ideally I'd like to set a pip based stop loss (that works!), but it doesn't seem clear how to do this looking at the docs... Thanks!
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