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  1. are you still looking for a trading buddy ?

  2. Cattle prod good if I can double my return. Perhaps my problem is sooo unique that no other trader has it. More likely most are too embarrassed to admit it. Chatting will not help my problem. I have access to traders averaging regularly 30% annual , what exactly will I tell them . ..that I am an idiot?
  3. Looking for trading buddy (US Eastern Standard Time). I do swing/position trading (stocks, etfs, futures, options) . I do not day trade. My problem is self discipline. Since I trade alone, I often ignore my stops, I take larger position than I should etc. Simply want someone to make sure I followed my trading plan. In return I will do the same. This can be done end of trading day it will take no more than hour. I am moderately profitable but not enough to do trade full time.
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