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  1. Crypto currency was hacked many times last year and this year. Does Crypto currency have any future if they can be hacked and stolen like this? Does anyone still brave enough to hold their crypto currency for a long term basis ?
  2. I absolutely agree with @Market Wizard. I was recently informed from my friend about the live account created by the creator of the harmonic patterns, Scott Carney. The live trade account managed by Scott Carney using his harmonic trading rule is absolutely nightmare. Before talking about any terminal bar or PRZ, or other theory, etc, You @RichardCox should check the live account traded and managed by the creator of harmonic patterns last year. Here is the link from myfxbook for the live trade account. https://www.myfxbook.com/members/ht113/harmonic-trading/2261054 After checking this, you will not even sing anything on harmonic patterns from Harmonic Trading Volume One by Scott Carney. The book is a mere fantasy with too many unproved theory. It is a pure marketing and sales lines to sell books and software from Scott Carney. If you want to dig deeper on this, visit this link to see the ugly truth. https://harmonicloser.wordpress.com/ Also visit this link and read the comment by Jared Whitsel, one who talk about the truth about Scott Carney. https://www.gofundme.com/imarketslive-defense-fund I am not to say that all harmonic pattern trading logic is bad. At least I do not follow the logic from Harmonic Trading Volume One by Scott Carney. It is just too much unproved theories in the book. But I do much prefer to learn the harmonic pattern trading logic tuned and traded for the daily basis practical application as it was pointed out by @Market Wizard I only pointed this out because these cool names like PRZ and terminal bars, etc from Scott Carney can easily trap newbies for bad trading practice in their fantasy world.
  3. thanks for explanation. It makes a lot of sense. will bitcoin can experience any bankruptcy ? If so, how it can happen and how it can affect investors ?
  4. Hi. I am looking for some alternative to MetaTrader platform. I initially liked MetaTrader for their customization ability. However, the reputation for MetaTrader brokers are generally low. Which trading platform could provide the same level customization to MetaTrader platfrom but with better brokerage service ? Can you recommend one ? Thanks so much for your idea.
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