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  1. Exness doesn’t advertise much but they are the most popular and famous broker. They also are the biggest retail forex broker on the world. Last year, 2017, their trading volume increased 35% and hit 3224 Billions USD. Their trading volume is 34% higher than Forexcom and double FxPro.com. There are only 44,000 clients are trading in Exness monthly and they generate $268B trading volume monthly. It means that most of their clients are big traders. They are professional traders and they trade average 6$ Millions monthly! Why professional traders like Exness? Because their platform is suitable for big traders who like low spread and fast execution speed. Now i will explain you why professional traders like Exness. 1. EXNESS IS THE FIRST BROKER OFFERS INSTANT DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWAL. Exness is a platform that has the most modern and fastest deposit and withdrawal system. You can receive money after a few seconds with Excard, Neteller, Skrill,… Exness is the first forex broker offers instant deposit and withdrawal payment system. You can deposit/withdraw via many different methods and all of them are automatic without human intervention. Therefore, the speed of depositing and withdrawal money is fastest. 2. EXNESS OFFERS LOW SPREAD AND LOWEST COMMISSION. Exness offers both regular and ECN forex accounts with low spreads. For ECN account: Spread is nearly zero. They only charge 2.5$ per each lot. This is the lowest commission on the market. for other brokers, they often charge from 50 – 100$ each lot. Some small brokers, they also charge both spread and commission also. So that why most of big traders, they prefer Exness ECN account for saving cost. Because if they trade $100M a month, they can save 5000 – 7500$. For regular account, Exness offer 3 account types that are suitable for retail traders. These accounts are: Cent, Mini and Classic. Cent account: This is the most suitable account for beginners who want to practice with real account but small deposit. For Cent account, traders just need to deposit 10$ and they will get 1000 USCs in their account. These 1000 USCs is similar with 1000$ but 100 times lower. So, just 10$ deposit, they can open hundreds orders for practicing in real trading condition. Mini account: 80% Exness clients choose Mini account because of its advantages such as: Low spread (from 0.3 pip), high leverage (unlimited leverage), low minimum deposit (1$), low minimum transaction (0.01 lot), … Classic account: This account is high level of Mini account. To open Classic account, clients have to deposit at least 2000$. Classic account’s spread is much lower than Mini from 0.1 pip. 3. EXNESS OFFERS HIGHEST LEVERAGE – UNLIMITED LEVERAGE. Exness is the first company that presents the term unlimited leverage. Normally, Exness’ leverage is 1:2000 but for small accounts which have traded more than 5 lots, they can use unlimited leverage. If you use unlimited leverage, your margin will be nearly zero. So, you will have more free margin to keep your order safer. 4. THE BEST LOCAL SUPPORT TEAMS. Exness support team is very good. They support clients 24/7. Website live chat is the fastest support channel. You will get instant response if you contact them by live chat. Their sales guys also support you personally after registration. So, they can help you solve all your problems and concerns instantly. This is one of the main reason why Chinese traders like Exness.

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