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  1. Hello everyone! I’ve developed a site for traders to view their statistics and metrics related to their trading performance. The site is in beta mode right now, and is offered as such completely free of charge. Basically you get a free service for the foreseeable future while I tweak and work out bugs and kinks. I’ve only been able to create imports for a handful of brokers, but am looking for exported files from other brokers to build into the import system. If anyone can provide exports for brokers that are missing on my import list, I’d very much appreciate it. You can comment out your account name/number before you send me the file if you’re worried about privacy at all. The site URL is tradeinsights.net. It has quite a few charts and statistics related to your trading performance, but also offers you the ability to tag trades, and to share them with others on the site or others OFF the site (think “Check out my trade from yesterday!” link sharing). The site also offers the ability to create/join trader groups. The group feature has a home page and offers the opportunity to combine various metrics to show a group overall collective number. Right now the site allows upload and processing of stocks and etf’s. In the near future we hope to offer support for options, futures, and forex. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you find the site useful. Feel free to throw error complaints my way! Ha 😊 Sincerely, Michael TradeInsights.net
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