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  1. Jerry - what time do you start your vwap from for intraday? Ensign currently starts from midnight, but that is not good for comparing to a market profile or pvp that starts at 9:30 est.. I think most market profilers/volume studies start or restart at mkt open On the other hand i see some of your trading was already green by 9:30am meaning you must have done some trading during pre-market. Questions like these would be good to address in voice. I currently have done it both ways till Howard fixes it.
  2. Jerry, MAE of 6.43 today on multiple contracts!!!!! You take my breath away.... But i guess if you got 'em use 'em. Actually there are some big traders around who risk $50k per trade. I think they do it on more contracts but tighter stops probably.
  3. For the cme (e.g. emini ES) One can lease a seat if you are doing 25 round turns a day and save a considerable amount. 25 round turns per day = $24.5 at $0.98 per round trip (incl. clear fee $0.78 and globex fee $0.20) lease cost per day = $58.4 (not sure about this number i think it is cheaper but site is down right now) ($58.4 times 252 days = $14,716) one time application fee $1750 this option as is works out to $14,716 for lease plus $6174 in comm plus $1750 application fee =$22,640 compared to retail cost at ib $4.8 times 25 round trips a day times 252 days = $30,240 If you do more round trips the difference is even bigger. If you don't do 25 per day or 1500 per quarter you pay retail. You must incorporate to lease a seat or trade under a corporation. http://www.cme.com/clearing/clr/fees/rule106r.html You don't hear eTrade flogging this kind of commercial on TV.
  4. Scaling in .... this is exactly what i did at the roulette table in the casino while on my honeymoon. Playing red and black or odd and even i doubled my bet when i lost. I started with a $1 chip every sequence. If i lost i doubled. If i won i started the next bet with $1. Boring most of the time except when i got up to $512 bets just to get my original dollar back. I played 4 nights this way. I played for about 3 hours and a bit each night. Each night i left with $350 more than what i came with - even after replenishing my wife's purse. They changed the guy rolling the ball quite a bit and they watched me real good but i stuck to my system and did not deviate from the rules i set for myself. When i got back home from my honeymoon i looked up the notes for the system i thought i was playing and realized this was not the system my dad had shown me. That was 20 years ago and i have only visited a casino twice since then. One was a charity casino where they were trying to take your money at odds that were worse than vegas and once with a friend because he wanted to play slots and i had never done that - so i put $20 bucks in one machine. Then i stood and watched him win $300. In retrospect doubling your money when you lose in a casino is a high risk game. One long run will wipe you out. So you need a good grubstake if you take 20+ losses in a row. I do not recommend it - too hard on the heart lol.
  5. Howard Arrington just told me he is including SD as a built in study in ensign to be released today in the nov 8th beta. Looking forward to seeing this. In his words..... "VWAP with standard dev band based on price-VWAP is now a built in study in the 11-08 beta to be released later today. Enjoy. You can do away with the DYO for VWAP now."
  6. I just found Jerry's threads after watching him post his daily p&l for about the last year. Talk about an epiphany. I read about 5 threads last night (many posts and 7 videos of newbie) and then watched the es bounce off the vwap about 7 times this am. I have an 8 line dyo that calculates the vwap in ensign and i am looking for the standard deviation calc from a fellow ensign user if i can't figure it out. I have written a 2600 line ensign espl program for backtesting a retrace setup but i don't find espl too stable for intraday signals. Anyways i am really happy to have found a whole nests of posts by Jerry and even happier he has shared his knowledge. Thanks Jerry.
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