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  1. Mark Kett

    Trade Monster?

    Anyway just to update you. The account was opened today. They were quite apologetic for the delays.I will give it a try.Nice platform.
  2. Mark Kett

    Trade Monster?

    It's either they have one of worst customer services I have ever come across in my 15 years of dealing with brokers or it could be they don't apply the same rules to everyone. I have been with Optionsxpress for over 10 years with no problems but I saw the Trademonster platform which I thought was quite impressive.I have also considered TOS but they put on their website they do not open account for a non-US residents.I am a British Citizen. I contacted Trademonster to confirm that they open account for non-US resident.I was informed they do and was actually sent all the required forms.Towards the end of December I faxed the forms to them and waited over a week without no word. I contacted them to ask what was going on,only for them to tell me that some of the forms didn't come out OK at their end.I would have expected them to have contacted me and let me so that I could act on it. Anyway I got back to them to let them know I will be buying a new printer in the next few weeks and that I will scan the forms and email it to them which would be better than faxing. About 3 weeks later or so I contacted Trademonster by email and phone to confirm if they still have the OK documents or they wanted me to start the process over again. I was told they still have the document but they require the additional documents for the process to be completed. I scanned the documents and email it them. One week later no word. I contacted them and was told they did not received the document. I find that quite puzzling and said no problem I will send it again.The following day I called Trademonster and was told they did not received the forms again on my send attempt. What is the problem? Is the file too large? I send the file from my AOL account to my Gmail account without any problem.I send an email letting them know I was going to try one last time. On 15 February 2011, I received an email from Trademonster that they have now received all the required documents.That was nearly 3 weeks ago.I have been told the process should only take 7 days. I have sent 2 emails to confirm the status and to let them know what I think of their customer services,but they have totally ignored me. As of today they still have my sensitive documents but no word whatsoever of what is going on. Are they for real? They have done a great job with their platform but maybe now they should concentrate more on Customer Services, but then again maybe it is just personal.
  3. The New Technical Trader: Boost Your Profit by Plugging into the Latest Indicators (Wiley Finance) (Hardcover) by Tushar S. Chande (Author), Stanley Kroll (Author)
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